What is the next five years?Zhang Lizheng: Expand domestic demand is the development strategy base point

Strong Forum: When looking forward to "13th Five", there is a sentence in the communique – "The great revival of the Chinese nation has taken a new big step forward."

What do you have to feel your feelings?Zhang Lian: Quote Wang Anshi’s poem is expressed, "It seems to be the most mysiscite, it is easy to be hard."

During the "13th Five-Year Plan", there were 55.75 million rural poor people to achieve poverty poverty, more than 50 million rural poor people get rid of absolute poverty, with an average of more than 10 million points per year.The incidence of poverty has fallen from% in 2016 to% in 2019, and the regional overall poverty is basically solved.From the level of income, the life of the people has a qualitative leap.The per capita pure income of the nation’s establishment of the poverty household is increased from 4124 yuan in 2016 to 9057 yuan in 2019, an average annual increase of 30%.

In the research on multiple poor areas, I deeply felt the political advantages, institutional advantages and development advantages of China in the poverty reduction.

China has created a miracle in the history of human beings. Strong National Forum: In your opinion, what signals from the 19th Fifth Plenary Session released in China? What highlights are worth paying attention? Zhang Lian: The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee established six major objectives during the "14th Five-Year Plan" and nine vision goals in the 1920s, while proposing the direction of focus on the 12th aspects. In order to achieve the total vision goal of the 20055, "Basic Realizing Socialist Modernization", the Plenary Session will basically achieve the modernization of agricultural modernization, economic system, national governance system and governance ability modernization, defense and military modernization; proposing nine major " Strong National Forum: Plenary proposed to form a strong domestic market and build a new development pattern.

For this, how do you understand? Zhang Lian: Due to the influence of trade protectionism and a new round of technology and industry revolution, the global industry chain, supply chain has shown localization, regionalization, and dispersion trends, China’s own factor cost and complicated The international environment is the main factor affecting my country’s industrial chain and supply chain division.

The Plenary proposes to meet the starting point and the foothold of domestic demand as development, with the domestic economic development recovery to the uncertainty to the international environmental change, accelerate the key core technology research, and accelerate the formation of domestic circulation as the main body, domestic international The new development pattern of double cycle is undoubtedly has a significant strategic meaning.

In the past 40 years, my country has built an export-oriented economic model and has achieved a miracle of economic high-speed growth. However, as economic globalization is different from previous changes, it is difficult to meet the current new requirements of international circulating export-oriented development. We must turn the kinetic energy of economic development from "export-investment drive mode" to "domestic demand-innovation model", and technology development must also be transformed into independent innovation mode.

At present, my country has entered the high-quality development stage, and the comparative advantage of all regions has changed a large change, and the marginal contribution rate of foreign demand to my country’s economic growth is gradually decline.

Relatively stable, independent, efficient domestic economic circulation has become the basic disk of China’s economy.

It is necessary to adhere to the expansion of domestic demand as a strategic base point for building a new development pattern.

From the side of the supply side, it is to adhere to the structural reform of the supply side. Sexuality and competitiveness; accelerate breakthrough in key core technology, develop growth, improve the supply structure, and improve the quality of supply system. From the side of the demand side, we must speed up the construction of a complete domestic demand system.

Consumption is the end of social renewal production is also the starting point of the new round.

To adhere to the needs of different types of main body, insist on problem-oriented, open the pain point and block points that hinder demand potential; and deepen income distribution system reform, steadily improve the income of residents, expand the middle income group, and focus on expanding consumer demand; build a marketization, rule of law Chemical, international settlement environment, form a long-term stable and expected development environment, encourage companies to increase investment; let the active fiscal policy are more active, improve the efficiency of fiscal funds, and do spending money must be fruitful, effective multi-arrangement, Elimated multi-pressure reduction, invalid must be accountable.

Strong National Forum: The Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Session puts forward five major development philosophy and innovates its first place.

The 19th Plenary Session also put forward the core status of innovation in the overall situation in China ‘s modernization. Why is the center in this height? What major impacts have to be brought to China’s economic and social development? Zhang Lian: From the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the 19th National Congress of the Party proposes that innovation is the first motivation to lead the development, and then to this Five Plenary Session, adhere to the core status of innovation in the overall situation of modernization, this It is the party center to grasp the world’s development trend, based on current, focus on long-term strategic layout.

This Five Plenary Session proposed to speed up the construction of scientific and technological powers, fundamentally, to give full play to the key variables in science and technology innovation in a large change in the change in the past 100 years, leading the support in the global support of the National Great Rejuvenation Strategy.

In the face of new changes in the domestic and international environment, we need technology innovation solutions than at all times, we need to innovate this first motivation.

We must implement the new development concept, promote high-quality development, build a new development pattern, only more relying more on technological innovation, in order to parent the machine in the crisis, open the new bureau in the change.

Sports Forum: Realize the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the Vision Targets in 2013, significant, difficult task, and bright prospects. On the way forward, what the advantages of us can be brave, bravely go forward? Zhang Lizheng: my country has a five-year planning and vision goal, combining China’s vision goals and near medium-term goals, enabling national strategies to match the departmental tactics, enabling national guidelines and local development, reflecting strong prospective, Leading and binding. Although many Western economies and some developing countries will also develop a variety of strategies or plans, the shortcomings based on the electoral slogan, "walking the horse" political, and a ring buckle, one step A footprint, specific policy measures landing the root of China’s "target governance" strategy, not in the same day. In addition, we have political advantages, institutional advantages, and post-development advantages. It has the leader of the party centers, who is the core of Xi Jinping as the core, as long as it always adheres to the people’s position, maintains strategic and competent, set the bottom line thinking, good at the trend, Upper and down, unfair, will create a new and bigger miracle that makes the world’s scraping! (Editor: Zhou Jing, Zhang Guii) Sharing let more people see.