Words and Syrian Friendship opens up new space for regional development

People’s Network Beijing October 11 (Liu Ye Ting, Intern Li Ting) Invited Indian Prime Minister Moti and Nepal, President Bandari, Xi Jinping, President Xi Jinping went to India Chennai to attend the Chinese Indian leader on October 11th to 13th. Two informal meetings, Nepal is visiting Nepal. At the Chinese and foreign media blowing conference, the deputy director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Luo Zhahui, said that this visit is to visit the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and Chairman Xi Jinping first visited, and the chairman of China is once again visiting. In order to develop new motivation into China India, China Ni and even China’s relations with South Asia, in order to strengthen regional interconnection and economic and trade pragmatic cooperation, we will build a new platform for the promotion of mutual trust and friendship in the region, making new contributions to world peace and prosperity.

Dancing the dragon icon to infuse positive energy into the world last year, Xi Jinping Chairman Moddy held the first informal meeting in Wuhan, and the two sides further deepened the friendship and trust between the two leaders. New model of interaction. "Since the informal meeting of Wuhan, China-Indian relations have been active, smooth and upward, have made more comprehensive progress in political, economic, and regional affairs cooperation.

The two sides also believe that the development of China-Indian relations is a highlight of the two sides in great foreign diplomacy and peripheral diplomacy.

"Qianfeng, Director Qianfeng, Director of the Research Department of Tsinghua University National Strategy, said that he reviewed the first informal meeting, and China and India have just experienced the crisis of cave, and the Chinese print relationship is also in the lowest valley in decades. The relationship between the two countries can rebound in a short period of time, and the leaders of the two countries will not be opened in the strategic level.

"A significant feature in the relationship between China India is the high-level leader, high-level orientation.

"Hu Shisheng, director of the South Asian Institute of China, China, has also said that after the interview of the People’s Network, after the cave, the leaders of China, the leaders of Wuhan are particularly important for the development of the relationship between the two countries, but will be carried out. The Golden Nah meets the development of bilateral relations, and South Asia will have a positive leading role.

"Informal" is the largest point of view of the Wuhan meeting last year.

Walk, drink tea, chat, show … In these unconventional activities, Zhongrun leaders communicate honestly. There is no need for a tight and swords in front of the difference, and the relationship between China and India will continue to move forward. And this Golden Na, the leader of China-India will talk about what, what is the unconventional activities will be reached, which will reach which meetings are expected to be expected. "The current world situation is extremely complicated, returns to the big country’s competition era, how to break this old, zero-friendly big country relationship, Zhongri should take the lead in making the top probability. Use Oriental Wisdom to prevent the relationship of the national relationship from re-enter the cold war pattern, this Regional and global political and economic development are very beneficial.

"Hu Shisheng said that with the rise of China and India, the trend of" Dongsheng West "is more obvious in the global scale, China and India will work together, strengthen cooperation, improve global political economic governance, promote world peace and stability. It will play an important role.

He further pointed out that China-Indian countries are developing countries, in addition to the global, long-term, strategic important issues involving the relationship between China India, will also be the focus of the meeting.

"It is the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and India for 70 years. In the future, the development of China India will be a major focus. China-Indian relations have come to today, how to walk in the next 70 years, how to contribute to the world Dongfang wisdom is expected. "Hu Shisheng said. "It is expected that this meeting will continue the good momentum of Wuhan meetings, and both sides will inject new motivation into the stable and pragmatic development of the relations between the leaders." Qian Feng said that both parties are at the international landscape And the bilateral relationship level can reach a lot of consensus.

The consolidating traditional friendship is a new era of China’s relationship.

In the past 64 years, China Niki has been embedded, respectful, mutual support.

In 2017, China signed a memorandum of cooperation in China, which has opened up a broader future for the development of relations between the two countries.

At the joint efforts of both parties, a group of cooperative projects landed, Huimin students, promoted development, brought full opportunities to China.

The President Xi Jinping visited Nepal, which is a Chinese chairman who once again visited Ni. It is also an exchange of exchanges within the first year of the two countries, and has been enthusiastic about the people of the Ni government and people from all walks of life. "Nepalese attaches great importance to the visit of Xi Jinping, which has been prepared for all necessary preparations. The Ni Chinese relations will reach new historical heights.

"Nepal President Badia Derwi Bandari said.

Nepalese Prime Minister Card Pusha Charma Oli said: "The current two countries in the two countries are generally pure as snow water. Since the establishment of the two countries, the five-way relations of the five principles of peace have always followed the bilateral relations, and the leaders of Nizhong hope The traditional friendship between the two countries gives new connotations, bringing new results. President Xi Jinping is unspeakable, and it will be a strong color in the history of the relationship between the two countries of Ni. "Nepal – China Friendship Industrial Park Chair Tap Ma Said that President Xi Jinping visited this at this time, Nepal is highly attached to the country, and it is eager to look forward to it.

China advocates "a belt all the way" to create more job opportunities for Nepal, bringing prosperity, which is the biggest expectation of Nepal. "Current China relationship is in one of the best time of history." Hou Yanqi, a ambassador in Nepal, said that in recent years, China’s high-level interaction maintains a strong momentum, political mutual trust is constantly deepening, and the Chinese world-friendly comprehensive partnership has been improved. The two countries continuously deepen their pragmatic cooperation in politics, economic and trade, interconnection, post-disaster reconstruction and humanistic exchanges, strengthening ports, roads, railways, aviation, communications, etc. in the framework, strengthening ports, roads, railways, aviation, communications, etc. Interconnection network.

"President Xi Jinping’s visit to Nepal is historic, and China’s deepening political mutual trust, consolidating friendly relations, will contribute to the stable development of South Asia and even Asia." She said. "China’s relationship between China has always been very good, and only better, cooperates and cooperates." Qian Feng said that the development of China Ni is inseparable from Nepal’s political situation. Since last year, the Nepalese Political Bureau has ended the turmoil, entered the most stable development stage in more than ten years, and the national energy also turned to the domestically urgent development problem. As the largest neighboring country in Nepal, China is a good neighbor and good friend in Nepal, has been committed to the pragmatic and friendly cooperation with Nepal to help Nepal will move towards the road to prosperity. It is expected to pass this visit to further promote the interconnection of the two countries, and contend to build, and better integrate into the "all the way" initiative. Qianfeng further pointed out that the future of Ni Ni can more aimer to aim at Nepal in the development of weak links and the urgent needs of the people. "The project does not necessarily have to be large, but also to launch some small, fixed-point, poverty alleviation projects, let Nepal people really feel the diplomatic concept of Chinese people Huimin, feel the ‘and all the way’ initiative brings Nepal. Practical benefits. "Qian Feng said.

"With the stabilization of the Ni Dynasty, the Chinese strategic partnership will enter the full implementation phase.

Chairman Xi Jinping will launch a good political foundation for the cooperation between China, to realize the interconnection. "Hu Shisheng said that there is not only rich tourism resources and cultural resources, but also account for the land of tourism resources and cultural resources. As long as the Nepalese Political Bureau maintains a long-lasting and stable, CCR maintains a good political Cooperative atmosphere, this vast play of Nepal can live, help to promote economic prosperity across Himalayas, turn the Himalaya region from the past nature barriers into development and bridges. (Editor: Liu Ye Ting, Yang Mu) Sharing Let more people see.