Tianlin County leaders launched new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and inspection work

The picture shows Yang Xiaobin, Luo Xiping is on the spot of the epidemic prevention and control of the epidemic county. After Yang Xiaobin, Luo Xu Ping came to Tianlin County’s epidemic prevention and control isolation point, check the staff on the post, facilities, and view the high-risk areaThe implementation of the people’s prevention and control measures.Yang Xiaobin pointed out that to implement the prevention and control plan of the epidemic situation, implement the deferred point prevention and control measures, strengthen the value of the class, do a good job in environmental damage, and the isolation personnel must guarantee good life, but also to promote the psychology, and strengthen the isolation pointTracking supervision of domestic garbage, ensuring strictly disposal in place.We must conscientiously implement the deployment requirements of the party committees of the district and county, and build an external anti-anti-rebound line. Decisive and effective extinguishing of the epidemic and effective, and resolutely hold the endless epidemic prevention and control results.(Montjin Mountain) (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Zhou Yule) Sharing let more people see.