The construction of the human fate community is in progress towards the prospects

  "Take history, create a future, must continue to promote the construction of human fate communies.

"General Secretary Xi Jinping at celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, expressed the firm and determination of the Chinese Communist Party and the world and all progressive power to create a better future, showing the lofty feelings of the Chinese Communist Party’s mind and the human progress.

  In the past year, under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s diplomatic thinking, China on a series of major problems with the fate of human beings, China’s position, proposing Chinese programs, contributing China’s strength, and vividly interprets the world feelings of the world, and let Constructing the concept of human fate community is more deeply rooted. Actively promoted, the important concept has won more and more agreed to agree with Xi Jinping, the Chinese Central Party History and Literature Research Institute.

The book Western version and the previous English, French, Japanese, Russian, Al Wen, German version, for foreign readers to understand the concept of building human fate, deep understanding of the rich connotation of Xi Jinping and my country’s diplomatic policy and policies Wait, it is of great significance. In the past year, China has actively promoted the concept of diplomatic thinking and human fate of human fate in various forms, and won more and more recognition in the international community.

  "The Communist Party of China is a political part of the Chinese people, and is also a party for human progress.

"The" The Value of the Historical Mission and Action "of the Communist Party of China introduces China’s maintenance of world peace and promoting common development.

"The Chinese Communist Party see is the common needs of human beings, advocating the way of friendship and cooperation." The President of the Thai Congress, the former Deputy Prime Minister Qin · Peng Tuning This evaluation. "Let’s join your hand, stand in the right side of history, standing on the side of human progress, in order to achieve the world’s sustainable peace, in order to promote the construction of human fate," October 25, President Xi Jinping is in China The People’s Republic of Restored the 50th Anniversary Conference of the United Nations Legal Sipp in the People’s Republic of China, in order to promote the national community of human destiny, in order to promote the global joint guidance, in order to build a better world, painting blueprints, causing strong resonance in the international community. "The party is for the Chinese people to seek happiness. The resolution is proposed that the party promotes the construction of human fate community, in order to solve the major problems of humanity, construction lasting peace, common security, common prosperity, open inclusive, clean and beautiful world contribute to China’s wisdom, Chinese program, China, and become the development of human development Important power of progress.

  The scientific theory contains the feelings of the world, and the brilliant achievements have tried the four parties. At the Brazilian Wagas Foundation, Professor Evan Drava, "The" Human Destiny Community "reflects the Chinese traditional culture to share the contrast, and different thoughts, emphasizing the difference between different countries, therefore sex.

In the long run, this east-style worldview helps to build a more peaceful and prosperous world. "Solid advancement," tree "to open a gorgeous flower as an important concept of human development and world future, human fate community It is the theoretical innovation of enlightenment ideas, and it is also a guide to the practice of practice.

In the past year, President Xi made a series of important claims, major cooperation initiatives, in promoting bilateral relations, regional cooperation in China, and responding to global challenges, making "building a tree of human destiny" ideas "Open more gorgeous flowers. "Building a more close Shanghai Cooperative Organization Destinum, greater contribution to the world’s lasting peace and common prosperity" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " "" Promote the implementation of the 2040 vision, build an open inclusive, innovative growth, interconnection, cooperation and win-win situation … Xi President issued an important speech in many important international occasions, advocating the concept of human fate community, promoting China and related Regions, the relationship between organizations is upgraded and upgraded, high levels of operation. What is impressive is that the President Xi is proposed to build a new era of non-fate community in the opening ceremony of the eighth ministerial meeting of the China-Non Cooperation Forum. "Nine Projects", in order to promote the development of new motivation in the development of China – Africa’s comprehensive strategic partnership, in order to protect the overall interests of developing countries, new contributions have made new contributions to the world’s peace and stability and development prosperity after the promotion. Analysts believe that under the promotion of the correct opinion, the concept of real-life concept, China-Africa cooperation has continuously achieved new progress, new achievements, and building a new era of non-fate community prospects, future expiration.

  In addition, in the global field, China Initiative builds a community of online space, nuclear safety, ocean, and health and health, and has received active echo. It is better than the words to meet the global challenges of global challenges, the global challenges in public health, environmental climate, and economic trade, so that the people of the world are more deeply appreciated by the people of human fate than ever, more and more experience China. Promote the determination and action of building a human fate community.

  In the face of unprecedented difficulties in global environmental governance, as the proposal of people and the Natural Life Community, China announced that it will strive to achieve carbon peaks 2030, 2060 years ago. This goal means that China will complete the world’s highest carbon emissions in the world in the world, leading the global climate governance process, highlighting the responsible big country.

  In the face of the popularity of infectious diseases, China is practicing the concept of human health and health community, and actively fulfills the commitment of vaccines as global public goods. Up to now, China has provided more than 1.8 billion vaccines to more than 100 countries and international organizations, which will provide more than 2 billion people in the whole year, will provide 1 billion doses to Africa. China is using 16 countries to carry out vaccine joint production, initially forming an annual production capacity of 70 million doses. These are China to improve the availability and aggressiveness of vaccines in developing countries, and build a positive contribution to the global vaccine defense line.

  In the face of the challenges facing the Earth’s ecological civilization, China issued an initiative to "jointly construct the Earth Life Community". In continuing to promote the construction of ecological civilization, unswervingly implement new development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing, and build beautiful China, China took the lead in funding 1.5 billion yuan to set up Kunming Biological Diversity Fund, supporting the biology of developing countries. Diversity protection. The world economy is falling into a downturn, reverse globalization, unilateralism, and protectionist thinking dark flow, the global industrial chain, supply chain is reshaping, and the uncertainty of instability has increased significantly. China not only proposes to build a community of global development, but also announced in the next three years to provide $ 3 billion in development assistance in developing countries, which is used to support developing countries to develop drugs and resume economic and social development.

  The concept of human fate community, compliant the trend of human social development, gathered the largest number of people from all over the world yearning to peace, development, and prosperity, indicating the direction of the world development and the future of human beings.

Despite the top challenges on the front road, human beings form a fate community in deep blending, and the basic trend of common future in unity and cooperation will not change.

Standing in the "two-year hundred years" history, China will strive to national revival will work with the world to promote the construction of human fate communities, and constantly make greater contributions to human progress. (The authors have worked closely to the Secretariat of the Diplomatic Thoughts Research Center).