Sichuan Terrace: There is a thin name "yellow skin whit"

  It is necessary to get GET healthy weight loss, don’t lose "yellow skinny".

  Read the yellow skinny [huángpíguǎsòu] word release yellow skin slim, describe yellow muscle skin.Create a sentence 1. Now many women’s baby to lose weight in order to thin, hungry "yellow skinny" every day.

  2. She became yellowing after her illness, and she stood like a frost.In addition to "yellow skin whitening", Kawaguan, the words used in Sichuan, and: "Sòujīnjīn), describe the skinny look, and say" thin muscles ".

For example: "His people have never changed from small to big things, and they have always been thin.

"Strength" use the ancients: "I have been hunger, eat seven points", but now, a lot of parents are afraid of their children, they are not full, it is not eaten, it looks "yellow skinny", so always tooFeed more. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

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