Shanxi will pilot a parental education in primary and secondary schools

  China Taiyuan May 13 (Reporter Wang Feifei) Reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Department of Education that Shanxi Province has issued the "Guidance Opinions on Conducting Primary and Secondary Schools", will be selected within the province, and the conditions are mature. Primary and secondary schools in the distinctive characteristics as the first batch of parental education pilot schools. In order to cultivate the innovative spirit and practical ability of primary and middle school students, further promote the reform and innovation of basic education teaching and talent training model, Shanxi proposed that all schools should be new, transformed or reasonably integrated with existing functional classrooms as the Painter Laboratory, select innovative thinking, As a master’s comprehensive ability, as a master teacher, the Captain Education Curriculum is included in the overall curriculum planning, forming a wonter education curriculum system including curriculum planning, course goals, courses, curriculum evaluation.

  Since 2019, Shanxi will select some of the willingness to actively, mature conditions, and distinctive conditions, and the distinctive characteristics, as the first batch of guest education pilot schools, with "Project-learning" "Exploration" as the main learning method, Conduct a teacher education. Explore the basic laws of Wucker’s education through regular high-quality birthkeeping works, Yucai curriculum design exchange, and related science and technology innovation observation and other activities. Corporate education will adhere to the principle of public welfare and do not charge students any fees. Shanxi demanded that the education administrative department at all levels should be an important part of the education information and supervision assessment, establish a scientific and effective jobpare education evaluation mechanism, multi-level face and multi-dimensional assessment evaluation, and perform excellent performance in Chuangke Education Teachers, to give tilting in terms of evaluation, advancement promotion, etc.