Shaanxi: Poster Ecological Environment Protection is very prominent, and the main grasps five things

People’s Daily Online Xi’an June 9 (Deng Nan) Today, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held the "Promoting Yan’an Spirit to Write Shaanxi New Era" The theme Conference, the Secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, the Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress Liu Guozhong Shaanxi practice green mountains and green hills is the introduction of Jinshan Yinshan, strengthening ecological environmental protection. Liu Guizhong said that in the protection of ecological environment, we have lesson.

Since the Qinling illegal construction incident, the whole province has a painful thinking, remembering the "big people", putting the ecological environment and protrudes a very prominent position, mainly caught five things. First, when the Qinling Ecological Guardian. It is mainly to carry out the "five chaos" rectification of chaos, chaos, chaos, chaos, chaos, chaos, and chaos. Qinling core protected area, 169 mineral rights in key protected areas have all been exited, dismantled, with 63 small hydropower stations, and strengthen ecological protection repair, survey, and delineate various types of protected areas.

The forest coverage rate in the Qinling Shaanxi section has reached%, and the ecological environment has been continuously optimized. "It is a delightful ecological environment ‘natural indicator second, strengthens the ecological protection of the Yellow River Basin.

Third, strengthen the supervision of water supply in Nanshui North Conditioning. The water volume of 70% of the South Water Transfer Project is provided by Han River and Danjiang.

We keep these two rivers to carry out special rectifications, and strengthen the comprehensive management of the basin, implement the deployment of fishing operations in the Yangtze River for ten years, effectively guarantee the water quality of Han River and Danjiang.

In the future, we will continue to use force to ensure the "Northern Water."

Fourth, lay the pollution prevention and control. In the blue sky defense war, strengthen the qi plain atmospheric pollution linkage, 5 years to dismantle the coal-fired boiler, rectify thousands of households "scattered" enterprises, the province’s 10 sets of districts have declined by 15% from 2015 . In the boiling water defense warfare, the rivers and lakes are implemented as the starting point, strengthen key basin governance and urban black odor rectification, and all province’s national test face eliminate inferior V-type water quality.

In terms of the Pure land defense, strengthen the pollution control of agriculture, fertilizers, pesticide dosage, which falls nearly 10% in 2015, "135" heavy metal emission reduction tasks excessively completed, and take the lead in achieving full coverage of fixed pollution source sewage permit.

Next, we will adhere to accurate pollution, scientific pollution, and pollute it according to law, so that the three Qin Dadi sky is clean, which is more lush.

Fifth, do a good job in carbon-up carbon in carbon.

Shaanxi is a large province in the energy industry, and it is also a large amount of fossil energy consumption.

We conscientiously implement the central government, and re-evaluate the screening of "145" major projects, cut off 79 high-energy consumption, high emission projects, with a total investment of more than 70 billion yuan. Next, we will seize the preparation of carbon-up peak action programs, and pushing a carbon-carbon mission more specific, making new progress. (Editor: Deng Nan, Wu Yue).