Welcome to open the opening of the red Liuyang mouth to make the business environment "walk new" more "heartless"

People’s Network Changsha February 22, New Year’s New Meteorology, New Year.

Junkou Town, Liuyang City, held a symposium in the New Year, and invited the entrance enterprises, representatives of the town unit, and the meeting, the meeting, in 2020, in 2020, the results of the business environment, investment promotion, etc., and signed on-site 3 items of investment projects.

"Opening the battle, the battle, starting to sprint". At the beginning of this year, a group of major project construction in Qikou Town was accelerated under the premise of ensuring quality.

The first phase of the Jiangwan Education and Life Science Industrial Park, the total investment of about 6 billion yuan has been completed. At present, there are 14 buildings in the main building to complete the cap, which is expected to be enrolled this year.

In order to ensure that the project is stable, advance the fast, the Town government actively docking the company, listing the "Question List", set up a specialized leading group, decomposing the problem of project construction needs to be resolved to party and government leaders and various functional departments, according to "week Arrangement, month dispatch, seasonal review, annual assessment "work promotion mechanism, quickly solve various" difficult diseases "in the project advancement process.

The smart, Yunjiaju Industrial Industry Base in Qigukou Town, covers an area of ??more than 600 acres. At present, 19 companies have been introduced, and it is a special project in Qikou Town to integrate into Jinyang New Town. In order to further optimize the business environment, enhance the investment confidence and enterprise settlement experience, and enter the enterprise owners vote to select the owners’ committee composed of five owners.

It is stipulated that the owner committee is not only involved in the operation and maintenance of the park, but also the innovation of the owner’s committee to be responsible for the design and construction of the project park, and enhance the inner experience and business atmosphere.

The first working week of the New Year, the town government convened the specific construction and planning of the relevant supporting facilities of all the indigenous business, and strive to achieve production in the first half of the year.

In order to realize the introduction of the investment. The comprehensive implementation of the establishment of a set of jobs in the town of Fukuo Town, contacting a group of investment clues, docking a group of key enterprises, serving a group of projects in the construction project, and tight the tentative drums to hold the "leader, back to hometown, build hometown" and other themes Activity.

At present, there are 30 steel frame building materials leasing projects, and there have been 6 signing projects, and more than 12 follow-up will be introduced, and the tax revenue is expected to reach more than 8 million yuan. At the same time, we focus on "shop small second" business environmental service brand, joint tax, business, bank and other departments to organize a fair, helping companies solve the problem of settlement. In the approval, age, the contract, leading, etc.口 镇 will take the "store small two" service spirit throughout the investment promotion, the service industry development, the key project is built into the bridge.

As the fundamental of economic development, the development industry will further do a good job in economic development construction and optimization business environment work goals, to ensure that "opening the door" in the first quarter is to realize the development of the development of the mouth, innovate new ideas, and start a good step. Make a positive contribution. (Cai Bowen) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai).