[Footprint along General Secretary · Learning and Propaganda and Implementing the Party of the 19th Sixth Plenary Session of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China] Ma Yanshan Shangchuang’s flower is more and more

Hunan Daily full media reporter Deng Zheng can be in mid-November, Xiao Yangchun, red maple leaf, yellow ginkgo.Ma Ruhan Video Wenchuang Industrial Park also got the eighth pool of the Liuyang River "preferred", in the cultural and technology intertwined vine, the flowers of the creation of the creation of the creation.

Sending the party’s voice to the 5G smart radio system of the field of the field, won the "2021 Yalan Green Broadcasting Project Award"; "National Song" "Mao Zedong at 1925" and other 4 classic film completed 4K repair; can instantly convert text, voiceThe AI sign language broadcast system is applied to 212 TV stations and the media center; the "Ma Ruo Mountain Box" (5G high code stream low delay codec can be synchronously) 20 sets of production equipmentDuring the test phase … November 15, Ma Ruhan video Wen Wenyuan Enterprise Party Committee organized the spirit of the 19th National Session of the 19th Central Committee."General Secretary Xi Jinping, in the direction of the Yin Yin, guidelines left by the park last year.

The spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China is far-reaching, and it will be bullish again.

"On November 17th, Zou Ben, secretary of the Party Work Committee of Ma Ruoshan, and Zou Ben, said in an interview that the park will insist on the first place in the park, firmly grasp the correct orientation, and go to" cultural + technology ". Roads, strive to build a nationally leading new landmark for media integration with Chinese characteristics and global influence.

Science and Technology Out shop On November 17, "Cloud Highway", the reporter saw Huang Rong, who saw 5G Smart Radio Project in Hunan Radio and Television at the park, is communicating with the relevant personnel of Iranian national television station. "They have intention to use the smart radio system, which is a huge technical challenge for us, but in the cultural output, it is worth it!" 5G, 3G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, etc. 5G Smart radio system, like a "network disk" that can be downloaded in real time. Login system, just use the mouse to drag, you can arrange massive news, weather road conditions, language shows, music, etc., automatically generate coherent programs in 5 minutes, no host can also complete a time period broadcast. This system can reduce people’s repetitive work, reduce broadcast content production and operation costs, so that the radio station in the undeveloped area is easier, so that the "village ring" broadcast has a more fresh content. Within a year, it is installed in 27 provinces, 457 radio station frequencies, and provides free service for more than 200 radio stations in remote areas.

During the epidemic, emergency broadcasting services were provided for more than 100 million people. "Our original intention is to send the party’s voice to the field, in the grassroots, in fact, the most popular is also the party building content, such as" red speech "program, two-thirds in the cooperative station Broadcast. Huang Rong said that in the future, the spirit of the general secretary of the general secretary of the close, implement the spirit of the 19th National Sixth Plenary Session, and transmit the good story of the grassroots, and form a good two-way interaction. Carry forward and cultivate socialist core values.

In the virtual innovation studio, the reporter experienced the "crossing" in the space.

The scene in front of you is two more than 2 meters high green curtain walls and 360-degree cameras, the screen in the monitor, is a real-time studio, stage, mountain, hand dance, the virtual characters are talking to reporters greet. At present, this set can be widely used in virtual live broadcast rooms, variety scenes, large party, animation modeling, film and television drama shooting technology platform, available for parking, animation, game and other enterprises for free use. For more than a year, under the support of the park, Lotian intelligence and Shenzhen Rui Li relied on all independent intellectual property rights and domestic technology, jointly developing virtual scene real-time imaging technology, and established a virtual innovation studio.

"Providing technical assistance for the development of cultural industries, to expand the ‘friend circle’ for the park, we need to continue to pioneering and innovate.

Zhang Kexin, Executive Dean of Lotian Zhizhi Film and Television Industrialization, said.

Guo Zhengxin lights "Ma Ru Mountain" Galaxy Cool Culture Media Co., Ltd., the hot TV drama, the variety of posters can be seen everywhere. A year ago, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to this inspection to inspect the "guide gold not change", so that the founder of the Galaxy Cool Entertainment and CEO Li Wei will never forget.

"For the past year, we plan to produce a group of works in realistic themes and traditional cultural themes.

"Li Wei introduced that the parent-child education theme film" Preschool "is currently in the post-production, and the" Dynasty "is a full-time comedy, and Li Wei’s" ambition "is a box office that is refreshed with Hunan. Record. In September, the TV series "Hutong", the Hutong ", focused on the three generations of the ancestors working in the neighborhood committee, telling the story of the people’s destiny and the country’s tightness.

After studying the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session, Li Wei is excited and encouraged. "Inheriting and promoting China’s outstanding traditional culture, providing more and better spiritual food for the people, is the mission of our literary workers." Here, new works continue to produce. "Guardian Jindish 2" "Dance Storm" and other programs are hot, transmit positive energy, and achieve reputation.

Here, old imaging refreshing machine.

"National Song" "Mao Zedong in 1925" and "Forty-four days of Liu Shaoqi" have completed the repair and color after 5G cloud, 4K, AI and other technical means, the picture is clear and delicate, and the color is true.

Plus the film "Lei Feng" that was previously repaired, "Lei Feng", "Red Classic Imaging Repair Project" has reached 4, more repair plans are put on the agenda … As of November 15, Ma Rawshan Video Wenchuang Industrial Park Grasping 3424 cultural enterprises such as content production, digital animation, content distribution, technical services.

Relying on the initial formation of Ma Rushan · Huawei Yunyun Video Industrial Innovation Center, Ma Ruhan Video Industrial Cloud Platform, 5G High-tech Video Multi-Scene Application State Bank Key Laboratory and other technical bases, cultural industry chain is gradually improved.

Science and technology is remarkable to cultivate with a significant effect. Enterprises have driven "Cloud Highways" and "Ma Ru Mountain" brand is brighter. From January to October 2021, the park has achieved revenue of 43 billion yuan, which is expected to increase by 45% year-on-year, and the tax billion is expected to increase by 31% year-on-year.

The night is coming, the "small square" of the park is light, and the "party construction leadership, and the innovation of the innovation" is all 8 big characters, waiting for the next round of Chaoyang. Related topics:.