Yunnan Provincial Party Committee Party History Learning Education Leading Group held the first meeting Yan Chengmun hosted and speaking

Original title: The first meeting of the Provincial Party Party History Learning Education Leading Group emphasized that the Scholars’ Thoughts do the real thing to open the New Bureau to run through the Yunnan Net News (Reporter Zuo Chao Yang Meng) March 19, the provincial party committee The Education Leading Group held the first meeting to study the next key work.

The meeting emphasized that in-depth study of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s learning education and the party’s central deployment requirements, put the history of the party, the idea, do practical things, and the new bureau throughout, promote the education of the province’s party history Trought real results.

The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and the Party of the Provincial Party Committee, the leadership team leader Qi Chengfa hosted the meeting and speaking, Zhao Jin, deputy head of the leading group, and Li Xiaosan attended.

The meeting listened to the progress of the progress of the party history and education in the province, the consideration and principles passed the "Notice on the Things to Serve the Party History in Grassroots Party" and the Notice of Party History Education, " The Committee of the Party History Learning Education Leading Group Work Rules, Leading Group Office Work Rules and Working System, Party History Learning Education Propaganda Work Plan. The meeting pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping made a series of important instructions for the development of party history learning education, and further expressed the direction of our part-time history and education, providing fundamentally followed.

The party committee (party group) at all levels (Party Group) must enhance the "four awareness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", the important instructions of the Table of Table and the Party Central Decision Deployment, and Improve the Political Station, Strengthen responsibility, pay close attention to work.

The meeting emphasized that the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee should bring good head-up demonstration, grasp the focus, grasp the progress arrangement, grasp the way of learning, take the lead in carrying out "I do practical things for the people" and seek development, solve the problem, open the new bureau practice activities, lead Drive in-depth development of party history education in the province. The meeting emphasized that we must strictly, strengthen supervision, do a good job, and ensure the quality and effect of learning education with good style. To make practical things through learning education, stimulating fighting spirit, truly doing practical things. It is necessary to reduce the base layer, and the layer is not included. The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to promote the formation of the publicity, affecting the impact, cohesive force, and create a good public opinion environment in order to carry out part of party history.

The meeting emphasized that the Provincial Party History Learning Education Leading Group must arise, put the direction, leading group office to grasp, implement the implementation, the members of the leading group must grasp, aggregate, party committees (Party group) to effectively bear the subject Responsibility, form a powerful working force that collaps the contestation.

Leading Group members and the Office of the Office to participate in comrades.

(Editor: Cao Wei, Xie Lei).