Why China wants a "toilet revolution"?

"Little change in the great civilizations" – through a "toilet revolution" to see a new China "toilet revolution" is a common problem faced by developing countries. 2017 data show that the annual global economic loss because of toilet problems as much as $ 260 billion, died in children’s environmental health caused by diarrhea and other diseases of up to 56 million people. "I can not understand we can rocket to Mars and the Moon, but not fix a toilet stop in this country open defecation behavior.

"Remarks during an interview actor Kumar of India, raised on Indian and international hot. China’s" toilet revolution "How to quickly advance? This also caused widespread concern in the international community of experts and scholars.

"Such a big country, so many people, such a complex situation, leaders must thoroughly understand the country and hope to know people are thinking, there must be ‘walking on thin ice, immersive abyss’ of consciousness, there must be’ Governing a large country such as cooking a small fish ‘attitude, did not slack, did not sloppy, must Suye in public, diligent work.

"China’s top leaders Xi Jinping of this discourse, revealed the mystery behind the toilet is affecting their vital interests, from central to local leaders at all levels to implement the deployment of the layers of this" little things ", and try to be institutionally . security fund subsidies to encourage support – Ministry of agriculture and rural relevant person in charge, the central government from the beginning of 2019, with five years of local rural "toilet revolution" in support arrangement 70 billion yuan this year, according to estimates, will benefit. . more than 10 million households a number of departments of collaboration – in Jiangxi Provincial Committee, deputy governor in command, set up a "toilet revolution" leading group.

Provincial Housing and Urban Construction Department, Provincial Civilization full-time deputy director of the Provincial Tourism deputy director of more than 10 bureau-level leadership, to become members of the group.

Primary institutional guarantee implementation – Xi’an implement four toilets "director" system, more than 3,000 listed director posts. Reporters in the House Road West Chang’an Avenue to see the toilets, the director of management bar public, Changan Party Secretary Wang Qingfeng name written in the first column.

"Secretary Wang came almost every day stroll trip, check the ground yet." Said toilet cleaning staff. "Ills by strong medicine.

"In the face of traditional toilet environment and concepts for thousands of years, nearly 14 million people go to the toilet to solve the problem is difficult and requires a long time to work. Leading from the central to the grassroots director of the horizontal and one vertical regime as" toilet revolution "set up to implement the road map. strong nationwide system to ensure the smooth progress of the livelihood projects in Fujian, Fu’an City to a small toilet, the city is a Monday supervision, informed a week later, a Monday interview, latrines with a direct performance assessment of leading cadres linked to "finish the task is to be spanked," organization Department Fuan You Fengyun joked.

In Qinghai, renovation of toilets is called "One Project", A-level scenic spot assessment and review whether the target in the toilet as a fixed target, the implementation of "one vote veto" Forced cities and scenic spots increase the number of toilets and management level. "China show in advance ‘toilet revolution’ in the will and determination worthy of admiration.

After the ‘toilet revolution’ initiative to publish, we have seen the Chinese government, enterprises, social mobilization to carry out a comprehensive, toilet construction, management, service and civilizations has been generally improved.

"Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, water, cleaning and hygiene program director Brian Arbogast representation.

Participants from Malawi, Kenya, Ghana and other 11 African countries, with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural training courses, visit with biogas toilets in rural areas of China.

Malawi Benjamin Moore, on the Chinese rural household toilet in terms of development of biogas utilization, said he was impressed.

He believes that these development model can be copied to African countries. China "toilet revolution" successful experience, exploring technology has become an important model for developing countries to learn from.

Light gray marble floors, whole body white sink, induction of flush toilets …… in many of China’s public places clean and hygienic toilets to improve people’s travel experience. Some scholars have pointed out, "Look at the degree of civilization of a city, it’s best to see public toilets.

How public toilets, on how urban civilization.

"A long-term management of urban public toilets grassroots cadres told reporters:" I believe that the environment is to educate people. "A good toilet environment, conservation good toilet civilization." Toilet revolution "not only brought about a change in habits of civilization, but also bring health benefits, social and ecological benefits, in turn translate into economic benefits, burst out promote integrated development of urban and rural vitality.

China is changing toilet "toilet revolution" is changing China.