The whole society participates in drug "zero tolerance"

In the early morning of March 29, Anshun City Public Security Bureau Anti-drug detachment learned that there is a suspicious Tibetan Poison in a express truck through Anshun.

After receiving this clue, the Anshun City Public Security Bureau quickly acts, turning more than 3,000 kilometers. After more than 100 hours, it successfully cracked a large transportation drug case.

From the initial scorpion peeling discovery case clues, to the final fruit break, the drug dealer, the success of the case is the result of the results of the Anshun City to strictly hit the high pressure of drug violations.

Anshun is in the middle of the hinterland, and the "之 腹, 之,,, 之 之 齿 齿 齿 齿 位置 地 地 地 地 地 地 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置 严 严 严 使 使 严 严 严 使 严 使 严 使 使 严 使

Let drugs are far from the earth in the land, and it is the direction of the people’s good life.

This year, Anshun City’s iron-craftsmanship rectified, apply big data to anti-drug work, build anti-drug integration operation platform, integrate, intelligence, bayonet data, three operators and various social data 78 categories nearly trillion Article, develop 23 application modules, effectively support the full chain blow of drug-related violations, ensuring full-scale, clear all-round coverage, controlled control. Build a full-factor anti-drug supervision system, 686 outlet monitoring of 35 delivery enterprises in the city to access public security video monitoring, through multi-police video inspection, real-time supervision of delivery outlets to implement 100% real name registration, 100% board detection , 100% open inspection "three 100%" system. At the same time, the police dogs do not rule the delivery point to the delivery point, and the non-contact drug crime channel is cut off.

Construct a full range of poison monitoring system, set up 92 poisonous monitoring sites, build a poison monitoring system in the line, and the line.

By collecting various types of drug-related data, the use of hair adversis, sewage monitoring, etc., comprehensive monitoring of the country’s poisonous changes and assessment work results. The normalized bright sword always maintains "zero tolerance" for drugs. This year, Anshun City has cracked 33 drug cases, and 54 drug criminal suspects were arrested. They seized drug kilograms. They were investigated to check the Qing Dynasty to the dangerous chemicals used for poisoning for poisoning, and 12 offended 12. He cut off a passage that was transferred to the Yunnan smuggling through our province.