The city’s original 60 year major technical equipment

  On the unmanned train, passengers waving for help to identify actions that can be quickly out of the camera, and then sent to the emergency running in the background; the critical moment of the epidemic prevention and control, if the passenger is not wearing a mask, the train will be real-time alerts …… research and development in Beijing intelligent integration platform will allow these scenarios are applied on the Beijing subway. This intelligent integration platform the train belongs to Beijing Capital, Beijing original.

Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission recently disclosed that in order to accelerate the key core technology "from 0-1" breakthrough, the city launched the first batch of the first sets of major technical equipment selection and certification work, and one year have been 60 major technical equipment are listed as "the first sets of" scientific and technological self-reliance help.

  "The future of intelligent subway train is to us ‘exit’ to!" By the Traffic Control Technologies developed an integrated platform for intelligent use of advanced technology train to train each system or device enabling to realize the complexity, duplication, automated and efficient work unmanned.

Traffic Control Technology, responsible person, a unified integration platform and network system to collect train perceive information, speed information, operation and maintenance information, is processed through a centralized vehicle control unit, the better for drivers, passengers, dispatchers, maintenance personnel , maintenance personnel, flight attendants provide intelligent services, intelligent train management and service level leap.

  Major technical equipment is State of the weighing is related to the overall national strength and national security. "The first sets of major technical equipment is to play innovative capital resource gathering advantages, to achieve high-quality innovation to create a vivid manifestation of great significance to promote the capital’s economic and social development of high quality." Municipal Development and Reform Commission official said.

  In July 2020, Beijing established the city leaders led, multi-sectoral collaboration would be the first sets of co-ordination, co-participation system, study and perfect the first sets of policies. Last year, the city’s first batch of the first sets of products, admission and application demonstration projects call for completion of the selection identified the first batch of 60 first sets of products, which is the real deal, "Beijing original" "Beijing Capital." In addition to train smart integration platform, presumably Medical Technology Co., Ltd. developed lung nodules CT imaging assisted detection software has also been identified as "the first sets."

"This is an AI medical equipment, the use of deep learning technology to help doctors detect lung nodules." Reasoned technology related official said, the product through rigorous clinical validation, can help doctors identify small nodules, which greatly enhance the efficiency of diagnosis.

The product has been approved or licensed China, the EU and the three major markets of the United States, was selected as the National Health health committee seventh installment of outstanding domestic medical equipment catalog. As the first institution overall restructuring of enterprises turn Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing in Section Instrument Co., Ltd. has successfully developed China’s first set of field emission gun scanning electron microscope, and reached the international advanced level.

"SEM media has been listed as one of ‘strangle hold’ issue 35, is a high-end scientific research necessary equipment." Relevant person in charge said, after domestic scanning electron microscope maximum resolution is only 3 nanometers high-end scanning electron microscope to monopoly of foreign products; while the chief instrument developed device resolution better than 1 nanometer, reached the international advanced level, to fill the gap, cutting-edge scientific research and for the autonomy of strategic emerging industries of high-end equipment provides important support controllable.

  Municipal Development and Reform Commission, responsible person, the first batch of the first sets of products aimed at sophisticated, Liu Cheng reached the international advanced level, to fill the gaps Qi Cheng; the same time, closely linked to grand strategy, focusing the "double C", the first batch of nearly a fifth one of the first sets of high-end products focused on new energy and energy-saving environmental protection; focus "Contagion," Beijing health pharmaceutical companies to develop a number of new products for scientific epidemic prevention, played an important role in the prevention of new outbreaks crown. How do these first sets of products landed applications, help more innovative breakthrough? Reporters learned that, in strengthening the new application, the identified almost half of the first sets of products have entered the application stage demonstration.

According to preliminary statistics, the first sets of application demonstration project is expected to total investment of ten billion yuan.

  "Entered a new stage of development, the construction of the new mission of the CPC Central Committee gives Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center, a new location, the city will promote the application of basic research, to achieve the key core technology focus areas’ from 0-1 ‘breakthrough, to accelerate’ advanced Chi-made ‘innovation and development industry. "Municipal development and Reform Commission official said," the first sets "is the basis for the development of sophisticated industry, the key to the development of intelligent upgrade equipment manufacturing, and promoting high-quality scientific and technological innovation and the creation of self-reliance, economic development as the capital of high-quality public confidence, Tim power.

Reporter Cao Zheng.