Zijin Rural Commercial Bank 3.48 million yuan donation to fight against new outbreaks of pneumonia crown

After the Wuhan crown the new outbreak, in front of the majority of medical workers and disease control staff at considerable personal risk, stick in the first line of prevention and control of epidemic, fearless courage to take up the people’s health guardian of the country’s heavy responsibility. At present, the hardest hit by the epidemic Wuhan epidemic prevention and control of medical supplies are very scarce, Wuhan, people are faced with great challenges, mobilize social forces need to actively donate love to contribute. Zijin Rural Commercial Bank as the country’s first capital city of the listed agricultural firms, hope for the people of Wuhan and the fight against the epidemic frontline medical workers, brought up their own support.

The Zijin Rural Commercial Bank’s employees, in addition to blessing and refueling, still work together – and work together, actively promote dedication, initiative, donations, contributions in Zijin win this fight without smoke blocking action in epidemic prevention and control strength.

Boxer New Year, new crown pneumonia epidemic affects the hearts of thousands of people. Zijin Rural Commercial Bank has been the heart of the dynamic development of the epidemic, the head office leadership on duty with the implementation of a class system, and consciously implement the leadership of their duties in line with the class post, 24 hours. At the same time the strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control program and contingency plans require full precautions must be fully aware of the importance and urgency of the epidemic, in strict compliance with the provisions of the local party and government on epidemic prevention and control, requiring jurisdiction of the sub (branch ) row enhance staff health monitoring, compaction management responsibilities. During the epidemic prevention and control, Zijin Rural Commercial Bank will ensure time for business, especially online business is relatively low penetration rate of agriculture-related areas, to meet the diverse financial needs of customers.

Is effectively cut off the spread of the virus outlets way, before the Spring Festival, the bank union N95 respirators equipped with 25 lines per employee for the whole, a total of nearly 60,000; the full implementation of the bank’s employees and customers for the requirements of the business are required to wear masks, guidance various business outlets equipped with temperature measuring instrument based on the actual situation, protective masks, disinfectant and other protective equipment; daily to office space, the hall outlets, self-service device 2-3 times a comprehensive disinfection, effectively prevent the virus spread in the network, and set up epidemic prevention control of network security defense.

Meanwhile, Zijin Rural Commercial Bank has opened a green channel financial services. For reasonable financial needs of the epidemic prevention and control of much-needed medical equipment, medicines and related materials research and development, production, sale and production of daily necessities such as transport residents, according to the principle "on everything, with tonight," the full and timely offer credit support.

February 3 is a foreign trade enterprises Jiangning emergency handle about 3 million yuan credit business, payment for the prevention of cross-border procurement of materials, is expected to purchase a total number of about ten thousand masks, the batch of important materials will pay in the future 3-5 days arrived in the country.

Influenced in part by the epidemic of industries and enterprises, loans do not smoke, keep credit, no credit pressure, by lowering lending rates, improve Xudai policy, etc., to fully support the company to overcome the impact of the epidemic disasters. Epidemic affecting the people, the fight against the epidemic is everyone’s responsibility.

Zijin Rural Commercial Bank will earnestly fulfill their social responsibilities, plunge into the epidemic prevention and control, in order to do something epidemic prevention and control work responsibility, the very force. Source: Xinhua Newspaper Network (Editor: Tang Lulu, Zhang Xin).