Write "to kill the Japanese devil"? Han primary school students draw a hot discussion

The discussion caused by the comics of the hatred is also the epitome of another problem, ie, do you want to go throughout? In this regard, the reaction of Koreans is also different.

According to "Asia Economy" on the 16th, the Japanese government implemented card neck policies in the Korean semiconductor industry in 2019, which directly triggered a Korean society to boycott Japanese sports, so many Japanese companies entering Korea taste the suffering. According to the public opinion survey, 77% of Koreans said that there was no good sense of Japan and set the highest record since 2005.

So, do you want to carry out on the end? It has been voluntarily participated in the 20-year-old Korean Youth A of Japanese Movement for more than two years. From comfort women’s compensation, the export restriction of semiconductor core materials is the Japanese government. And the hazards have never been known as the victims, and we will not be retired by the Japanese government first apologize.

On the contrary, the 33-year-old office worker B said that although there is a historical suspect, South Korea and Japan are the most familiar neighbors and the economy, and can not be fighting.

In fact, the hostility between Japan and South Korea has both historical origins, and there is a reality issue. It is still not realistic between the time, and the two governments are needed to communicate and process.