The battlefield snow highlights Central Enterprises – Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel

Source: Xinhuanet Since November 7th, Tongliao area has experienced the snow weather, the central reserve Li Tong Liao Library Co., Ltd. has the deepest depths of the three reservoirs, some trees have been pressed by heavy and autumn food and autumn grain acquisition.The work has caused serious impact.

  In the face of disasters, the central reserves Liaotong Library Co., Ltd. immediately launched the emergency response mechanism.

The company’s party committee members implemented "packages" responsibility system for the central library and various branches, mid-level cadres 24 hours in post, various library area set up an inspection team, comprehensively strengthen the early warning investigation, do a good job in emergency preparation throughout the clock, and strike the extreme harsh weatherDamage caused by grain in the jurisdiction, ensuring that the company’s jurisdiction is ana, grain, and Kuan.

Cadres and staff spontaneously form "Party Assault Command" and Temporary Emergency Team, the team members take the head to pick up the tool, the bath "snow" is fighting, and the "assembly number" fighting against ice and snow.(Wang Zhichao).