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CCTV news (News Network): On November 12th, the President of the State held an informal meeting in Beijing for the 28th leaders of the Asia-Pacific OECD in Beijing and issued an important speech.

It is pointed out that this year is the 30th anniversary of China’s joining the Asia-Pacific OECD.

In this 30 years, it is China’s deepening reform, and the 30 years of expanding open is also 30 years of continuous expansion of Asia-Pacific economic cooperation. Asia-Pacific has become a world-wide region where the world’s most effective and development potential is a positive contribution to world economic growth and regional people’s well-being.

We must promote the implementation of the 840 Budraka vision, build open inclusive, innovative growth, interconnection, and cooperation, win-win Asia-Pacific fate community.

First, promote the cultural and economic recovery. To defeat the epidemic as soon as possible, it is the most important task of current Asia Pacific members.

It is necessary to scientifically respond to the epidemic, deepen international cooperation, and promote vaccine development, production, and publicity. China announced that efforts will be efforts to provide 2 billion vaccines in the whole year, and more than 1.7 billion doses have been provided so far. Not long ago, China proposed a global vaccine cooperative action initiative, which clearly provides $ 3 billion in the next three years to support developing countries to develop drugs and resume economic and social development. China welcomes the promotion of key materials circulation and personnel exchange initiatives to continue to support the "response to the epidemic and economic recovery" subfunds, help members to restore and develop the economy. Second, build an open-type Asia-Pacific economy. Open is the lifeline of Asia-Pacific cooperation. It is necessary to insist on open areaism and promote regional economic integration, and build a high-water Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area as soon as possible.

To practice real multilateralism, insist on dialogue without confrontation, inclusion, not rushing him, integrates without removing, and firmly maintain a multilateral trade system with the world trade organization as the core.

China expects the "Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement" next year to take effect, and has applied to join the "comprehensive and progressive cross-Barian partnership agreement".

Third, promote innovative growth and digital economic development.

Innovation is an important driving force for leading the development of the world.

It is necessary to adhere to the innovation-driven direction, and fully emphasize the Asia-Pacific OECD "Internet and Digital Economic Roadmap" to build an open, public, just, non-discrimination environment for innovation and productivity.

Strengthen the construction of digital infrastructure, speed up digital transformation, and strive to bridge the "digital divide" and promote the overall development of digital economy. China puts forward the promotion of digital interconnection and interoperability initiatives, supporting the strengthening of digital economic international cooperation, and has applied to join the "Digital Economic Partnership Agreement". Fourth, realize the sustainable development of inclusion.

It is necessary to adhere to people and natural harmony, and actively address climate change, promote green low-carbon transformation, and strive to build the Earth’s Life Community. China supports developing countries to develop green low-carbon energy sources. It is willing to promote high quality and build a "one way" with relevant countries, fully implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda for the Development Achievements and the people of all countries.

I proposed global development initiatives aimed to promote the development of global development to the new phase of the coordination, which is of great significance to promoting sustainable development of the Asia-Pacific region.

Economic and technical cooperation is an important partner of the Asia-Pacific OECD. It should increase investment, ensuring that developing members have benefited from it, and new motivation for development prosperity for the Asia-Pacific region. Stressed, this year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

Let more than 1400 million Chinese people live a better life, promote humanity and development, is the goal of struggle for the Communist Party of China.

At present, China has already opened a new journey of building a socialist modern country.

China will unswervingly expand the opening of China, share China’s development opportunities with members of the world and Asia Pacific. Finally, it emphasized that New Zealand has a gross margin: "Success never rely on the collective.

"China is willing to promote the establishment of Asia-Pacific Destiny Community with members of the Asia-Pacific member, and work together to create a new chapter in Asia-Pacific economic cooperation. The meeting was hosted by New Zealand Prime Minister Adene, the theme" promoted the economic recovery of the epidemic, realizing the common part of the Asia-Pacific people and the future generation Prosperity.

Ding Xuexiang, Yang Jiechi, Wang Yi, He Lifeng and other participation. Source: CCTV related hot word search:.