Thick "double creation" soil inspired boom

At the startup ceremony of the Jilin Provincial Volkswagen Entrepreneurship, Jilin Province, in the launch ceremony of all kinds of innovation entrepreneurs in our province gathered, exchange experience and sharing experience. The event showed the color of Jilin’s innovative entrepreneurial color, and there will be a new climax of the innovative entrepreneurship in Bai Mountain. Innovation is the source of vitality, entrepreneurship is the foundation of development.

At present, our province is in depth, in depth, General Secretary Xi Jinping inspects the important instruction spirit of the important speech of Jilin, and vigorously implement the innovative driving development strategy. Innovative entrepreneurship as an important carrier and new and old kinetic energy conversion of innovative driving development strategy, only to firmly grasp the connotation, can continue to innovate in the "Double Creative" work, leading to entrepreneurship in innovation, starting from employment To maximize the release of innovation.

Jilin’s comprehensive revitalization has entered the "rising period", entering the "fast lane", must integrate the "double creation" gene into the spirit, implant the bone marrow, can quickly crack the development bottleneck and problems, explore the realization of industrial transformation and upgrading, promote high Quality Development "Power Password".

Only a new person, but the newcomers are strong, but only newers win. In the face of opportunities and challenges, the province grabs the historical opportunity, use the development window period, and put "dual-creation" work as an important starting of economic structure, enhance economic growth, and continuously promote the economy. The road to development. At present, the construction of "Double Creative" platform in our province has achieved remarkable results. It has 7 national double-created demonstration bases. It has graduated a group of companies with strong industrial support, and explored the "double creation" of unique Jilin characteristics. Mode, "Double Creation" upgrade of "double" upgrades in an efficiency and more adequate advantages.

The crowded big boat.

Today’s Jilin is innovative Jilin, Vitality Jilin, Opportunity Jilin, and the public is very exciting, and the innovation is present. Jilin "Double Creative" boat is praised! Editor in charge: Kang Shiqi.