Winter exercise pay attention to protect the knee joint

Beijing Emergency Center received a help: a school student was accidentally falling, suspected that the knee was damaged.

After the emergency center, Dr. Du rushed to the scene, judged the dislocation of the patient’s knee joint, fortunately, the bones did not damage, and the joint reset was carried out in time.

Beijing Emergency Center reminds that now it has entered the winter and cold, the weather will get colder and cold, and we must fully warm up before physical exercise, protect the joint.

Why is the knee joint is easy to hurt knee (commonly known as knees) is the largest joint in the human body, but also the joints that are prone to exercise damage.

Every year, there are approximately 5 million to 6 million people in the orthopedic doctor because of knee injuries.

With the number of people participating in sports in my country (especially adolescents), the incidence of knee motion injury is also rising year by year. There are two main reason for the knee joint. There are two main reasons 1. The knee joint is loaded, and the weight is easy to recover. Speaking, the weight of the hip, the ankle joint is also large, but the knee is more special, special is more complicated in its structure, including bone, cartilage, ligament, tendon, etc., more and more, it is more likely to be injured. . 2. Knee joint is the center of the lower extremity activity, in addition to weight, you also need to complete a variety of action, such as flexion, rotation, shaft, lateral movement, etc. The knee will undertake the load of the body, responsible for the activities of multiple dimensions, which are susceptible to injury and the recovery process after injury.

In fact, under normal circumstances, the ligament and muscle tissue in the knee joint and the joints and muscle tissue are very strong, and the structure is also very stable. The knee joint dislocation is only caused when the joints are violently impact on the joint.

Due to children, adolescents have not yet mature, the intensity of joint ligaments is not enough, more prone to joint shifts than adults such a more severe motion damage. Therefore, students should avoid excessive exercise and violent injury, and there are conditions that can wear knees to effectively avoid knee dislocation. For patients who have undergone knee joint dislocation, avoid injury again, otherwise it may cause serious complications.

Decoction, trauma or other physical discomfort during exercise, please call 120 emergency calls for help.

Safety movements have improved these things in cold weather, increased viscosity of human muscles and ligaments, which reduces muscle elasticity and stretching, and all joints will become relatively stiff, resulting in reduced safety activities. At this time, if you do it directly, you will be able to take care of it, the muscles are easily injured, and the joints are also more susceptible to damage. Therefore, preparation activities before exercise must be better than it is often better, enabling muscles and joint performance.

In order to ensure the safety of sports, it can be started from the following aspects.

Preparing activities should be sufficient in the case of temperature, the preparation time before the exercise is generally 10-15 minutes, and in the cold weather, the preparation time should be increased to 20-25 minutes, or the body starts fever, slight sweating .

Since the basic function of exercise is to take a lot of fresh oxygen from the outside to meet the needs of health, you need to choose a good location before exercise, which is well wide, and the air flow is good.

The target heart rate assay is adjusted with the target heart rate (refers to the function of improving the function of the cardiovascular circulation system by aerobic exercise), which can reflect whether the amount of exercise is suitable for yourself.

Bottard heart rate = (220 – age) × (70% -85%). For example, the 20-year-old target heart rate is (220-20) × (70% -85%) = 140-170 (times / minute).

Clothing increase or decrease is gradually moved in cold weather, but also pay attention to cold warm. Do not wear too much during exercise, it is easy to hinder physical activity, but it is not too small. If necessary, we can wear a hat and gloves. If the expected amount of exercise is large, you can gradually reduce the number of clothes on your clothes after preparing the activity, but avoid falling in the case of sweating. When sweating, the cold wind will make the body temperature lower, easy to lead to a cold; When exercising in a variety of drinking water, in the vivo salt, the body salt is separated from the excessive sweat, and the water is reduced. The osmotic pressure of the blood will reduce the balance of the inner water salt metabolism, affect the normal physiological function of the human body, and even the phenomenon of muscle spasm. .

Since the body needs to increase the heartbeat, the breathing is increased to increase blood and oxygen to meet the needs of exercise, and a large amount of drinking water will make the stomach expanded, impede the diaphragm activity, affecting the breathing; the blood circulation flow increases, will also increase the heart burden. After exercise, the moisture or electrolyte can be appropriately added. Ordinary aerobic exercise is suitable for replenishing cool water, or choose mineral water; when it is cold, you can drink warm water; vigorous exercise sweating more, suitable for drinking light salt, pay attention to small mouth slow drink.

When the emotion is not good, the mood is angry. If it is not calm, it will not be able to master the exercise and exercise time, which may cause accidental damage. It is recommended to select a large exercise intensity after the mood is stable.

Relax stretching is very important and intense exercise, it is still quiet, and the blood in the muscles cannot flow back to the heart in time, leading to the stiffness of the muscle, fatigue is not easy to eliminate.

Do some stretching activities after exercise, or by massage muscles and acupuncture points, the muscles can be fully relaxed and rest.

Zhang Jie Zhang Yingying (the author unit: Beijing Emergency Center Western Emergency Center Station).