Witness, the third phase | Cai Dan Zhuoma, Tibet, 50 years, love, singing this song

People’s Network: After more than 40 years of this song, you have sang a "singing mountain song to the party", why will there be such a creation? Talented Date: At that time, CCTV was preparing the Spring Festival song and dance party, our young singer Songwangmum put forward, want to sing by her own creation, "singing mountain songs to the party".

After the director heard this song, I proposed to invite me to sing together. After I heard the "Singing Mountain Song to the Party", I saw the lyrics expressing the big unity of the nation, as well as the people’s feelings on the party, I think it is very good. Moreover, as a predecessor, I should also bring this kind of innocence with this new generation of singers, sing the party, and sing the motherland is our forever theme.

So I decided to sing this song along with Solanm. People’s Network: We know that you have established Turkima Art Fund in 1994 to encourage Tibetan new people to conduct artistic creations.

What is your original intention to set up this fund? What is the development of these twenty years? Talented Date Zhuoma: Since the reform and opening up, our links between Hong Kong and Macau have been deepening. I was the Chairman of the Tibet Documentary, before Macao returned, Macau’s art association and our Tibet Document with communication and exchanges.

In the "Macau Basic Law" vote, Macao invited us to perform in Macau. After the performance, many Macao people are touched, I hope to give us some help of Tibet’s literary groups, and contribute to the development of Tibet’s literary cause.

Therefore, with the help of the two Macao companies, we set up the Dan Zhuoma Art Fund. In addition to song and dance, the Art Fund is also related to painting, and the feelings and mind of Macao compatriots on Tibetan people. After the establishment of the Art Fund, we hosted a number of activities and competitions, including a award from individuals, and rewards for excellent works. I hope that the young Tibetan literary workers can protect, inheriting the art of the nation, serving Tibet and the people of the country.