Shanghai: Focus on promoting park city construction 2025 park will reach thousands of seats

Original title: Shanghai: Key to promote park city construction 2025 Park will reach thousands of China Network July 16th, at the Shanghai Municipal Government Press Conference, Shanghai Green City, Director Deng Jianping revealed that Shanghai is focusing on the park. Urban construction, accelerating the promotion of the planning and construction of Huancheng Ecological Park. As of the end of 2020, Shanghai Park increased to 406; 5 years later, this amount may double. Deng Jianping said that by 2025, the city construction of parks has achieved breakthroughs, and the number of various parks in Shanghai increased to 1,000.

"A large ring + five small rings" ring city ecological park belt system is basically formed, "a river and one river in one belt" public space pattern initially formed.

  By 2035, the park cities basically built – a beautiful environment, the ecological value efficient conversion, the ecological space accounts for more than 60%, and the number of parks in the park has struggled to reach 2,000. At the same time, the outer ring green belt is the skeleton, connect 10 wedge green space inward, and connect 17 ecological interval from the outside, and is closely connected to the "five new city" ring forest ecological parks. Ecological circle. Basic built.

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