The agricultural issue of Dumon County Branch put 5.1 million yuan loan precision escort small micro enterprise development

People’s Network Harbin on September 2 (Wang Ying) is a practice activity of "I do practical things for the masses", and the agricultural issuance of Dumon County Branch fully utilizes all the bailouts and enriched companies, and puts the small-grade businesses. . Recently, the bank puts 5.1 million yuan to Daqing City Juyi Plastic Products Co., Ltd., which effectively solves the needs of the company’s daily production and operation funds, accurate navigation small and micro enterprises, and the use of policy financial strength as a small micro enterprise "oxygen" Blood supply. It is reported that the bank always supports the development of small and micro enterprises in an important position, and continues to increase financial support for small and micro enterprises.

First, firmly establish customers-centered service concept, urban county two-level line synchronous advancement, shorten the loan acceptance decision chain. The second is to open a small micro enterprise loan green channel, credit, accounting department parallel operation, and fully serve customers, and do one-time provision of information, shorten the customer’s loan chain. The third is to provide low-interest rate loans for small micro enterprises, and the market interest rate% is 1% on the basis of the market, and the% loan interest rate is actually implemented.

At the same time, the asset assessment fee, mortgage fee, etc. in the process of loan, the mortgage registration fee, etc.

As of the end of August 2021, there were 3 small micro enterprises, and the small micro loans were put into small loans from 19.1 million yuan, an increase of 12.8 million yuan from the same period of the previous year, complete 256% of the annual net increment plan, and fully played policy The role of financial "as a pilot, repair short board, inverse cycle", effectively transforming the results of party history education into work performance, let policy financial "live water" into small micro enterprises’ "heart". (Editor: Wang Sidi, Li Zhongshui) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.