This year, Shandong Court concluded that 99 cases involved in the privacy

Original title: This year, Shandong Court concluded that 99 cases of "private rights" recently, the 36th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Provincial 13th National People’s Congress listened to the provincial high-level people’s court on the provincial court to implement the civil judgment to carry out civil trial work Report.

The reporter learned that from January to October this year, the province’s court newcraft will receive 10,000 pieces of civil cases, review 10,000 pieces, handle the quality, efficiency, and the effect continues to be good.

The province’s court responds to the urgent needs of the people’s dignity, the protection of personality rights, and conducts comprehensive protection of the right to life, physical rights, and the investigation. Protect the life safety and life dignity of natural people according to law, and safely promote the unified pilot of the personal damage compensation for urban and rural residents, under the investigation of the right to life, physical rights, and health. Protect the reputation, honor rights of the civil main body, and 1207 related cases. Protect the name of the natural person by law, and the relevant cases of relevant cases are protected.

Strengthen the protection of private space, private activities, and private information, clear network rumors, "human flesh search", etc., to ensure private life "Anning", and 99 related cases.

In terms of property protection, the provincial courts accurately apply the 18 specific measures of the Civil Code on the Flow of Land Contract Management Rights, Homestrooms, etc. Further consolidate the expansion of the poverty results, and the services have been fully promoted. Adhere to equal protection, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of various markets, the province’s court abide by the principle of equal protection of civil code, regardless of national enterprises, domestic and foreign investment, large and medium-sized enterprises, one dependent colleagues, protect according to law, and review a trial of the contract case, average The cycle is shortened than shortening, and strives to create a stable and transparent and intended rule of ruleelance business environment for all kinds of market subjects.

Strengthen ecological environment protection, boost beautiful Shandong construction, the province’s courts fully implements the "two mountain" concepts, accurately apply the green laws of civil code and green clause to review 6,975 cases of environmental resources, 48 ??environmental public welfare cases.

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