She breaks free of "Almighty God" cult trap to enjoy the happy life

The 29-year-old Yang Lili is a young 90 mother, the child is 7 years old this year, and the mother is in the rural areas of Gansu, and marries to the Hefei Baohe District of Anhui.

As a staff member of helping Yang Lili, I met with her for the first time a year ago, as if it was yesterday.

At that time, she sat in the sofa corner, her face, full of clouds, her eyes were filled with blood, and her hair was disabled. There was no vitality and vitality of this age.

Lack of care, the young mother suppressed my life with Yang Lili, and she said that she said that her childhood is not happy because his parents are particularly heavy.

Since I have your brother, my parents almost gave him all the love, holding him in the palm of your hand, but almost didn’t ask Yang Lili. Yang Lili high school graduated from college, to the private computer school for a year, quickly enter the society, one person came to Anhui, relying on working on her own basic life. It is the husband gave her family’s warmth from the husband. Since there is a child, Yang Lili will no longer work, take care of the young children alone, and take housework for the busy husband. In order to give the wife and children better living conditions, the husband who is not good, it is late every day, often overtime to the middle of the night, and there is little rest in the weekend, and there are fewer communication with Yang Lili.

Yang Lili complained: "He said that for our mother and son, do more work, overtime, earn money, we have little to chat every day, and talk about 10 words every day.

"Changling in his own small house, the husband is very busy, the child is still small, and there is no friend who can talk to chat, Yang Lili’s heart is depressed.

Since the stranger, the "Almighty God" trap in 2016, Yang Lili, who is playing in the park near the community, often encounters a forty-year-old and amiable woman.

It is the surface and good stranger, and Yang Lili has advanced Yang Lili into the "Almighty God" trap.

This woman is very enthusiastic, helping Yang Lili to take children, do housework, warm to her, often send a small gift, it is a "knowing big sister". Such care, let Yang Lili feel unusual warmth. After they were familiar with, Yang Lili became more and more believed in this "whispering big sister", often telling her to her heart, and even as his own loved ones. Slowly, Yang Lili is getting more and more willing to share his own words with her, and talk to this big sister, family life.

Yang Lili didn’t know that it is his kindness and sincerity, giving the "all-round god" cult running machine.

Later, the big sister told Yang Lili to join their church, it is a big family full of friendship, everyone cares about each other, like a brothers and sisters. Yang Lili believes that it is true, and it is happy to join.

In fact, this is the usual trick to "all-around God" cult, setting "emotional trap", boasting, pull people into education. "Almighty God" believers use a variety of means to learn the trust of the target object, when the target object is emotionally low, use the weakness of the target object, "the disease, the medicine", with the sympathy attitude, and disguise into the "Knowledge of the big sister" to pull the heart, " "The imagination of" defrauding others, and induces others to advice. " The spirit is controlled, and it is "Almighty God" tool in 2017. After the child’s kindergarten, under the arrangement of "enthusiastic big sister", Yang Lili’s home became "all-around God" cult illegal party points.

Taking Yang Lili husband is not at home, a group of people often come here to "eat myth". Yang Lili first participated in the party, and was required to write "guarantee" to ensure that the whole body is "God" to make a dedication. If the whole family will be punished by "God", you must not die.

That "Careful Sister" told her that Writing "Guarantee" is the expression of "God", for trust, Yang Lili has no doubt.

After Yang Lili, Yang Lili often arranged to other party points to participate in the party, and learn "all-around gods" together with "brothers and sisters", watch "Almighty God" internal video, "Traffic", read "scriptures ", Talk about experience, talk about the benefits of" God ". Listening, see, learning is the basics of "the end of the world" "Guardian", "God’s country", etc., those floods, housing collapse, natural crack, corpse floating, etc., is really afraid.

Yang Lili is more and more believe that only believes that "God" can guarantee peace and blessings.

Because the study is positive, Yang Lili is appointed as the head of the party. The cult organization is equipped with laptops, printers, paper cutters such as laptops, printers, and papermaking machines.

Yang Lili has also been often arranged in "evangelism" and sent "Chicken Mao Xin" to become a circle in the "system" of the cult organization.

However, because Yang Lili is more and more obsessed with "Almighty God", no matter what to learn from the children, the busy husband often quarrels with her, the son often cries "Mom, my mother doesn’t want me."

In fact, preaching "The End of the World" is a means of "all-round god" cult deception, intimidation, and control believers. "Almighty God" uses "Test" "Report", "Good Dedication", etc., etc. "Letard God can save", from thinking that "life is too bitter" to the "God’s country", believers fall into the deception trap of "Almighty God". I suddenly walked, and Yang Lili, who was resumed, and Yang Lili, often requested "Dedication of Qiancai", "Without the point", he did not work without income, and he saved the living expense of her husband.

However, because "Almighty God" requires believers "Dedication", the more "grace" get more, the more paying the money, the closer to "God".

In October 2020, Yang Lili has begun to "evangelism" to the husband in order to pay more than "dedication", and lobby her husband together.

The husband immediately reported this situation to the Community Party Branch and asked for help.

With the help of community staff and their husbands, Yang Lili quickly recognized the cult in the "all-around God", and see how "Almighty God" will deceive their own evil process.

Yang Lili awakened the moment, enthusiastic, remorse, was too stupid, was deceived by "Almighty God" for four years, almost ruined his home. Yang Lili has completely enlightened, and I also got her husband’s forgiveness. The husband blames yourself that you have not given your wife to understand and care, and to ensure that your wife, son is more concerned and care.

Now, the husband took the initiative to take the responsibility of picking up his son’s upper school. Yang Lili also retired on the job, enriching and happy life, Yang Lili, a family of three returned to happiness.