Xinhua Net VR | Small Town Album I am Sichuan Panzhihua Xiama Town

  Click on the picture, VR look at "Vanadium Titanium Magnet Charm Township" Baima Town.This issue of VR takes you into Baima Town, Miyi County, Panzhihua City.Baima Town has a long history, pleasant scene, Longtan Cave Scenic Area, Ming and Qing Dynasties, He Jiaba Ancient Cultural Site, Zi Xia Cave, Great Stone Tomb, etc., witnessed this multiculturalism of multiculturalism of Panxi Townchange.Relying on large, high-grade vanadium-titanium magnet ore, granite, lead zinc ore, silica, limestone, diatomite, etc.system.

In the future, Baima Town will accelerate the coordinated development of regional one or two industries in accordance with the development ideas of "industrial novelty, agricultural modernization, special urbanization, urban and rural ecologicalization", and build Miyi New Industrial Demonstration Town and coordinate urban and rural development.

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