Three groups of keywords take you to understand the 2021 winter rendezvous

People’s Network Haikou December 8 (Song Tong Tong, Meng Fan Sheng) In 2021 China (Hainan) International Tropical Agricultural Winter Fair (referred to as Winter Fair) will be held at Haikou on December 16th to 19th.

At the press conference held on December 8, the Director of the Agriculture of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Agricultural Rural House Director He Qiongmei used the three groups of keywords this winter fair: innovation, development; investment, industrial; open, interaction. The first group of keywords is innovation and development.

According to reports, the 2021 winter fair has been gradually transformed from the trade exhibition to the professional trade exhibition, and will further promote the industrialization, branding, internationalization of Hainan tropical agriculture, and become an important starting point for promoting the modernization of agricultural rurality.

2021 Winter Fair Innovation Set Modern Germatoes and Digital Agricultural Pavilion, through the integration of "modern seed industry" and "digital agriculture", collect the modern agricultural development innovation elements, empower modern seeds, and promote high quality development of modern agriculture .

At the same time, the Winter Fair update optimizes the "Digital Winter Fair" applet, and the new revised small program platform has a broader audience, and the application is more flexible and convenient.

The Winter Fair official website, the public number, short video platform is also synchronized, and multi-terminal matrix is ??created, the multi-terminal line matrix of multi-terminal line is connected. The second group of keywords are investment and industries. In 2021, the winter fair has highlighted the function of promoting the upgrade of investment promotion and agricultural industries, and will select a group of key projects to focus on the restriction of the participation representatives, and attract more quality enterprises to Qiongy.

At the same time, supporting the 2021 Sharing Farm Conference, Hainan Agricultural Products Processing Industry Project Investment Promotion Conference, Rural Revitalization and Beautiful Village Boao International Summit, return home Youth Forum, Municipal County Special Investment Promotion Conference, etc., attracting all industrial chain companies and innovation The power is gathered, and the investment of Hainan agricultural investment is consolidated.

The third group of keywords are open, interactive. This Winter Fair will host multi-national interactive activities, so that more people participate in this agricultural event.

During the exhibition, the "2021 Winter Fair Building Mengmetron Announcement Mission" cloud shopping activity, invited 10 network red anchors to bring everyone "cloud shopping" to experience a good life. At the same time, there is a special live broadcast between the theme libraries, and the "live band" is set, so that regional special agricultural products are broadcast "Express", and set foot on new retail "highways." (Editor: Pan Huiwen, Xi Xiuqin) Share let more people see client downloads.