Wisdom Slow Disease Management (Baoji Demonstration Project) is on the line, and people’s health and Zhizhiyun have cooperated

Introduction: Multi-payment and security system exploration and establishment is the topic of the most concern of the whole society after the era of epidemic.

In early 2021, Zhiyun Health and China People’s Health Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: People’s Health Kang) In-depth and sufficient exploration and docking of the intelligent chronic disease management project jointly created medical insurance, and reached a cooperation.

Recently, the first wisdom slow disease management project completed the first phase of the first phase of the project, and the trial operation phase was effective.

"About Accelerating the" Internet + "Medical Service Medical Service Payment Work" is led by the policy of the Baoji City Medical Insurance Bureau, Zhiyun Health is in cooperation with Qingdao Juhui Bao Medical Technology Co., Ltd. as the operator, in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province Under the guidance of the bureau, we will build medical service medical insurance payment demonstration project and people’s health insurance, the medical management project, which provides convenient slow disease recovery, online purchase medicine, medical insurance settlement, etc. . Slow disease is the main disease burden of Chinese residents and medical insurance payments. At the same time, chronic diseases involve long-term cycle cycle, high management demand, high-risk, patients often have a slow disease medicine in the medical insurance catalog to settle more convenience Multi-demand.

Therefore, slow disease management services based on Internet + "Medical Insurance + Medical + Medicine" Synopsis Fusion have become the main direction of improving the quality of medical services in patients with slow disease.

How to use the "Internet +" era Dongfeng, promote the measures for medical insurance online settlement, and the State Medical Insurance Bureau is based on the "Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Medical Security System" and "The State Council’s Opinions on Promoting Internet + Medical Health Development" It is clearly used for common diseases that meet the eligible Internet medical institutions for the importance of insured, and the chronic pathogenic service is included in the payment range of the medical insurance fund, the burden of medical insurance, medical insurance, can achieve online direct settlement. In order to solve the problem of recovery medical insurance settlement efficiency in the province’s slow disease, the Shaanxi Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau issued a document on March 22, 2021, in order to improve the efficiency of medical insurance management service level and medical insurance fund, support "Internet +" medical service model innovation, Meet the people’s needs for convenient medical services.

In the Demonstration Zone of Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, how to optimize the "Internet +" medical service medical insurance management service, co-ordinate the Internet medical platform for the regional medical insurance operations and provide "Internet +" medical services to pay the Internet + "Internet +" Medical services, conditions, charges and settlement standards, payment methods, total indicators management, and medical behavior supervision, prescription audit standards, etc. Medical insurance, smart, slow disease management project, gives a pilot program. The pilot project will pass the services of China Unicom, hospital, pharmacies, integrate medical, medical, health management, and nursing rehabilitation, to pay for payment methods, and open medical insurance "double channel" in medical institutions and designated pharmacies. Core with "slow disease management and payment" as the core, covering patients, medical insurance, business insurance, designated hospitals and grassroots medical institutions, multi-level, gridized, platformized slow disease management service platform.

Internet + local medical resources complementary as the future key initiative of this cooperative project, through strengthening resource integration, accelerating the local eligibility of Baoji, the patient’s familiar doctor joined the Internet hospital platform, completing the doctor’s electronic real-name certification, so that the doctor can online Working the prescription, through the establishment of a healthy doctor’s related system for multi-practice in the Internet hospital; improve the national pharmacy signing network, so that the patient can also purchase medicine; , Compound, drug delivery, online consultation, health management service, etc.

When talking about what dimension chooses Zhiyun health as a partner, the person in charge of the people in the people mentioned that Zhiyun Health as China’s leading one-stop slow disease management and smart medical platform, is committed to creating digital slow disease management. On the "China Sample", it reflects the corresponding strength and professionalism.

The person in charge of Zhiyun Health said that Zhiyun Health passed the Saas System Zhiyun Medical Exchange, Pharmacy SaaS System and Zhiyun Internet Hospital, which has been independently developed, and serves nearly 2,000 hospitals in the country, over 120,000 pharmacies. Pre-treatment scenarios, visual diagnosis, and intervals of patients in the diagnosis, the power of the ecology of slow disease management, jointly created the "underworld" slow disease management service ecology.

It is the main task of this cooperation in the blade of the medical insurance. The medical insurance, the smart, slow disease management project will open the medical insurance payment system from the clinic to the hospital, and then to the medical insurance payment system of slow disease in the hospital, to create a closed-loop closure of the integrated medical treatment service, and ultimately through the multi-chronological payment system, measure the medical insurance fee Expenditure for the marginal therapeutic effects of each disease, optimize the medical insurance resource allocation to achieve the goal of medical insurance precision control.

椐 Learn, the recent project II online seminar will be held, and it is also expected to further expand the pilot city.