Shenzhen-Lanzhou-Kashgar route officially opened Shenzhen Airport domestic navigation city has exceeded 130

  People’s Daily Online Shenzhen July 29 (Wang Xing) On July 29, Shenzhen-Lanzhou-Kashgar route officially opened and ushered in the first flight. This is followed by Urumqi, Yu Tian, ??Shenzhen Airport Tongda’s third pool of Xinjiang, which can greatly shorten the flight time in Shenzhen to Kashgar, promote Shenzhen and South China’s economic and trade and humanities exchanges. Shenzhen-Lanzhou-Kashi route flight number is CZ8691, by the South Airlines operation, every week, four, six, round-trip each class. The route uses Airbus A320 models to fly, full of 165 passengers, or 15 tons of cargo, 8 hours aircraft, 4,800 kilometers from the route, one of the longest domestic routes, the longest flight of the flight. According to reports, the opening of Shenzhen to the Kashgar route is an important initiative to actively implement the party’s central assistance in the party, promote the work of tonic, and promote Kashgar and Shenzhen Communication.

The route is parked by Feikawah, relatively stocked, and the wound rate is lower, saving time. The opening of the new route will help to promote the closeness of Shenzhen and Kashgar, helping the rapid development of Kashgar’s social economic and trade, culture, and provide powerful protection for local business environment, promoting investment promotion and industrial development.

  Since this year, Shenzhen Airport continued to develop steadily development, and opened Shenzhen to Inner Mongolia Hailar, Shaanxi Ankang and other domestic new routes, and domestic navigation cities have exceeded 130. Under the driving power sustained improvement and strong market demand, Shenzhen Airport is currently nearly a few times, and the single passenger flow is nearly 120,000, which is close to the epidemic. (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yuzhu) Share let more people see client downloads.