Yunnan is responsible for 29 cadres due to the pollution control of Pulling Lake

  Kunming July 8 (He Shu Ting) According to the Yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, on May 17th, the Ecological Environment Department announced that "Yunnan Yuxi Washing Lake Pollution Control Label does not have a long-term water quality to improve" after the typical case, The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and the provincial supervisor committee shall, if the issue of the pollution control of Wushu Lake, the Provincial Bureau of Commission is based on the case, and after a comprehensive in-depth investigation, it is decided to hold accountability for 6 responsible units and 29 responsible people.

  After investigation, Yuxi Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, Tonghai County Party Committee, County Government Study and Implementation of Xi Jinping’s Ecological Civilization Thoughts, Implementing the Implementation of Major Decision of Party Central Committee; formalism, bureaucracy has become more intense, never as chaos to development to open The political achievement is distorted, misplaced, dynamic, spend tens of millions of yuan falsification; decision-making, non-discipline, supervision and lack of spawning, after natural ecological pollution, hidden political ecological pollution, there is official business collision, interest delivery Corruption problem.

  According to the relevant party regulations, Jing Yuxi Municipal Committee, the Yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission decided to give an accountability to Yuxi Municipal Committee, Municipal Government, Tonghai County Party Committee, and County Government, ordered a deep written inspection; give Yuxi City Ecological Environment Bureau Tonghai Branch, Tonghai County The Water Conservancy Bureau is reported.

  5 suspected of serious violations of laws and public officials, deputy mayor of the Yuxi Municipal People’s Government, adopted an indwelling measures; giving a party secretary of the Yuxi Technician College, Time, Shihai County Party Committee, Li Weijiang Party Committee Accounting, suspension; giving the original secretary of Yuxi Municipal Committee, the municipal general river Luo Yingguang Party is seriously warned, due to its serious violation of laws and discipline has been expelled from party, expel public office, have problems treated; giving deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Tonghai County CPPCC, Vice-Chair, Time-Tonghai County Deputy County Changwei and other party disciplines, position adjustments; giving deputy secretary generals from the Yunnan Provincial Government, Time, Deputy Secretary, Mayor, Mayor, Municipal Deputy Head of Yuxi, etc. The responsible person Party discipline; gives the Minister of Debate, the Ministry of Dai, the Ministry of Dai, the Ministry of Delivery, and the deputy secretary of Yuxi Municipal Committee, and the Minghuhu City League Mingshun and other 11 responsible people. Yan Lake is one of the lakes of the Nine Plateau Yunnan, and is also the "mother lake" in Tonghai County. Because the vegetable planting area in the basin is high, the source of agriculture is seriously polluted, and the water quality of Wushu is long for a period of inferior V.

In 2016, the first round of central ecological environmental protection inspections and 2018 "look back" is seriously pointed out. (over).