Shaanxi Province promoted the "three-change" reform and development new rural collective economy (Southern Shaanxi District) site will be held

Original title: The province has promoted the "three-change" reform and development new rural collective economy (Southern Shaanxi District) site will hold this newspaper (Reporter Chen Jia) November 16th to 17th, the province has promoted the new "three changes" reform The rural collective economy (Southern Shaanxi District) will be held in Ankang, and Deputy Secretary Huhenghua, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, attended and speaking. He emphasized that we must study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China, and earnestly fall into the important discussion of General Secretary of China on "Three Rural" Work, and will continue to promote the "three changing" reforms. Deepen the expansion and continuously develop and strengthen the new rural collective economy in our province.

Deputy Governor Wubei Hosts Hosting the Meeting. Hu Henghua pointed out that "three changes" reform is the important decision-making deployment of the Central Committee to promote the "three rural" work. It is an important starter of our province to promote the common prosperity of the common prosperity. Financial capital, innovation agricultural management method, promote industrial integration development, farmers’ stable income, rural areteen. Hu Henghua emphasizes that it is necessary to strengthen the role of the village party to organize the fighting fortress, effectively build strong village-level cadres, improve the assessment incentive mechanism, and ensure that the party’s leaders run through the whole process of collective economic development.

To regulate the operation of rural collective economic organization, strengthen contract management, membership management and organizational management, build power, and manage scientific operation.

It is necessary to strengthen supervision, clarify the distribution of collective economic organizations in the form of institutions, and ensure the interests of the masses. It is necessary to compact responsibility step by step, strengthen the coordination of coordinates, strengthen linkage, and work together to ensure that the "three changes" reform is firm, steady, see effective.

  Wubei Hei is emphasized that it is necessary to respect the wishes of the masses, focus on live resources, use good capital, manage assets, etc. We must improve the long-acting mechanism, improve the evaluation system, forward toward, reverse reverse, and promote the steady development of rural collective economy.

  At the meeting, the relevant departments of the province and the county and town villages were made.

In front of the meeting, the participants went to Hanbin District, Ankang City, Hanyin County and Shiquan County. (Editor: McGenxiong, Wu Chao) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.