The trunk will turn the Town from "Dried Beach" into "Golden Beach"

On July 20th, learning and promotion and implementation of the Chinese Characteristic Socialist Ideological Seminar and Party History Studying Education High-end Forum in Ningxia Yinchuan, the theme "" School History, Socialism is Dry ".

The meeting pointed out that learning to implement the spirit of the "July 1" of General Secretary Xi Jinping, in the final analysis, it is necessary to implement it. It is necessary to improve ideological consciousness, enhance history, keep in mind and practice "socialism is dried out", strive for struggle, hard work, and take a new way of catching up. The content of the meeting is now issued. – Editor’s trust, let Minining Town from "Dry Beach" into "Golden Beach" Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Yinchuan Municipal Committee Standing Committee, Yongning County Party Committee Secretary Zhu Jianwin Town is a general deployment of General Secretary Xi Jinping to promote, personally name construction, personally awarded the national It is the successful model of poverty alleviation and collaboration in the East and Western. In July 1997, Comrade Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter in the foundation of Minning Village: "Dunning Village is now a dry beach, and will be a gold sand beach in the future."

In July 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in Ningxia inspected: "Duan Ning Town explored a Kangzhuang Avenue."

For more than 20 years, we will remember the general secretary of Xi Jinping, hard work, hard work, and the "Dried Beach" of Dunning Town from the old Gobi, and the "Dried Beach" of the Nanguo, and the "Golden Beach" of the people. . Shanhai joins hands, really caught up, and writes the glory chapter of the vicissitudes. The birth, construction and development of Minning Town, condensed the concern of General Secretary Xi Jinping, full of joint efforts in the two provinces of Mining.

In 1997, Comrade Xi Jinping, a deputy secretary of Fujian Provincial Party Committee, went to the West Sea Sugar, proposed to build an ecological immigration demonstration point in the two provinces of Mining, and personally named "Minning Village".

Since then, the poverty alleviation of thousands of kilometers will strike across the mountain sea, high-spirited.

The two provinces in Minning created an impressive performance in hand in hand, and wrote a chapter of the Poverty alleviation collaboration in the East and West.

In particular, since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the mountain sea is more closely close to the party centronics of Xi Jinping. "Directation" is opened between Minine, and it has set up "Connected Bridge" and ran out "acceleration". With the true contribution, the investment of genuine silver, the truth, and there is a huge change from the mining town from the huge change from the small to the big.

Regardless of how the times are developing, the trunk spirit is supported by our strong spiritual power. We are working together, buried, and build a beautiful home of happiness and harmony.

In the face of extremely bad natural conditions and extremely lack of material foundation, the people in the two provinces of Minning will stand down the mosaic, and they will follow the swallows.

No electricity, there is no way, there is no protective forest, you will live in the ground, drink the water, cover the house in Gobi Beach, improve the soil, plant green. In the past 20 years, Minning Village has become a beautiful town that is livable to Yeye from the "immigrant sacred" of the white hand.

Behind the happy life, it is a succession of the success of the Dunnean. It is a batch of selfless dedication to the poverty alleviation cadres and technical experts. It is the hard work of the people in the universal people in the two provinces of Minning, and there is a happy life of the people today.

As soon as we coincide with morality, our peers, always maintain a strong force, and we must bring together strong power of the new journey. When you meet, dare to dare to dry, get out of the Kangzhuang Avenue that is moving together.

We adhere to the combination of poverty alleviation and assistance, and combine the location advantage, resource advantages and market advantages. Through the implementation of the huge immigrants, the "poor drove" is moved, and the development of the industry has changed the "poor days". Remove the "poor roots", improve the ecological environment to abandon the "poor road", improve the social security to lift the "poor", forming a industrial pattern based on brewing wine, facilities, beef cattle, cultural tourism, creating a big poverty alleviation .

The current Mining Town has developed from more than 8,000 small villages into towns and villages, and the per capita disposable income of immigrants increased by nearly 30 times higher than the initial period of relocation. The development of Minning Town is to awaken the consciousness of the, drums the strength of the dry, and inspire inexhaustible motivation to hide in the masses.

As soon as we meet, dare to dare to do, you will definitely realize the revitalization of the country, and go to the common prosperity.

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