Wuribao Street, Wancheng District, Nanyang City: School Party History

"I just reflected this question, soon solved, the community is efficient, service attitude, true! I am very satisfied.

"History of residents in the Yellow River Community in Wancheng District, Nanyang City said with a thumb.

These two days, rainy, Mr. Liu saw a well cover of Changchun Street and Qingfeng Road intersection recently "removing the chain", and the rain produced water, and contact the mobile phone to contact the digital city management platform. The Digital City Management of the Yellow River Community has arrived at the scene after receiving the case. After the case, the dredging is solved, after 1 hour, the problem is complete, the drainage is smooth, let Mr. Liu praises.

In the past few days, Wulibao Street blows the history of the school, the history of the history, the history of history, the history of the history, the history of history, the school, the party members, the community party members, the community, in the real part of the practice, insist on learning, learning and thinking, learning OK, to solve the problem of "rush to expect" problems, and do a good job in mass services. According to various community characteristics, the streets are set up, and the integration of communities, urban management, public security, property and other governance is incorporated into it. The closed-loop system for the preparation, processing and feedback of various departments, and forming "immediately doing" , Online office, standard office, home office.

There is something in the community, who will manage, how to manage, have a clear process. Party members and cadres enter the community, walk into the building, and solve the workers, troubles, and worry. Nowadays, the old communular dismantles meets the green, the corridor wall is fresh, the road is lost in the long history … a beautiful and harmonious, happy Wulibao makeup.

"The people are the most simple, you have a good thing for the masses, the masses will look in their eyes, remember to see the problem in the heart. We must further stimulate the organs for the masses for the masses. The wisdom and enthusiasm of practical things, regarding the things of the masses as their own business, but must do it well.

"Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Wulongbu Street, Director Zhou Yunsheng. (Nanyang City Wancheng District Committee Propaganda Department, Demon Menghan Yang Zhefei) (Editor: Hou Linlin, Xu Chi).