Wang Lixia: To delve into the people-oriented thinking, effectively protect holiday food safety and market supply

Wang Lixia went to the Hohhot to protect the farmer’s market and Beijing Hualian Supermarket Jinjun City, with the farmer’s market operators, supermarket employees, shopping people, detailed understanding of food safety inspection and testing, business places hygiene management, meat food price changeThe situation, watch the demo market supervision service platform in the autonomous region.She pointed out that during the Mid-Autumn Festival, during the National Day, the market is proclaimed and sells two strong, and the relevant departments at all levels should strengthen market supervision, and conscientiously organize the supply, ensure the quality and safety, and the price is stable.

It is necessary to strictly implement the safety production responsibility system, targeted to strengthen management measures, and do it to prevent it.It is necessary to focus on the "vegetable basket" problem that the masses most urgently need to solve, take "species, raise, adjust, adjust, make" a variety of measures to meet the consumer demand, and ensure that all kinds of agricultural and sideline products are sufficient, the price is stable, so that the masses get benefits.