How do digital empower high-end manufacturing nuclear power industries lead the "strong country" goal?

  Nuclear power as low-carbon cleaning energy, has broad development space, in the context of "carbon-up peaks, carbon neutrics",爱上海女生自荐区 and the nuclear power industry ushered in important development opportunities.

  In the context of the current nuclear power intelligence has become a new trend of development, in recent years, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Nuclear Engineering") has fully implemented the country in digital transformation, two (industrialization, information) A series of policy requirements in the "new infrastructure" field of intelligence, industrial Internet, etc., promoted the company’s digital system construction. Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Institute was born on February 8, 1970, his predecessor is the "Seventh Eight Engineering Research and Design Institute", which is a key force in my country’s nuclear power indexing. In the past 50 years, I have helped my country’s nuclear power to achieve the "track" to "and run", in terms of technical and advanced countries, steadily into the world’s forefront.

China Nuclear Power has also become a "business card" on behalf of China’s high-end manufacturing.

  The source of digitized transformation is in the "13th Five-Year Plan" period that has just passed, and the Shanghai Nuclear Enginee has an excellent answer sheet for digital work. Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Institute forms a nuclear power digital research and development design system integrating 上海品茶高端qq "R & D – Design – Verification"; China’s nuclear power equipment design and manufacturing digital synergistic platforms with Shanghai electrical cooperation; creating nuclear power based on nupower The digital management platform of the project and the two systems of smart construction sites, realizing digital engineering and digital delivery … Behind this transcript, from the hospital’s constant trial for digital transformation.

  At the beginning of this century, the Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Institute has begun to lay out of digital research work. In 2004, the nuclear power engineering design was achieved from two-dimensional three-dimensional major shift and applied in Pakistan C2 project. As the leading EPCS service provider and Shanghai benchmark high-tech enterprise in the nuclear power 上海逍遥网industry, in recent years, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Hospital has been "one industry and one strategy", "one industry", "" " Special research, in-depth analysis of digital transformation trends, application scenarios, and business floor solutions.

  Taking nuclear power equipment design as an example, in the past development process, there is often a repetitive modeling, repeated data entry, and second-three-dimensional data may not consistent between the upstream design and downstream manufacturing. Development efficiency.