Hua’an Securities and Anhui Guarantee Group reached a comprehensive cooperation agreement on bond business

Huaan Securities and Anhui Guarantee Group reached a comprehensive cooperation 上海浦东洗浴桑拿网 agreement on the bond business. Hua’an Securities for Figure 18 On the afternoon of October 18, Hua’an Securities and Anhui Credit Financing Guarantee Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guarantee Group") held a signing ceremony on bond business cooperation. Party Secretary of the Company, Chairman Zhang Hongwei, Party Committee Deputy Secretary, President Yang Aimin, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman Wu Xuemin, Party Committee, and Wang Zhaoyuan and the relevant person in charge of the parties attended the signing ceremony.

Zhang Jianqun, Vice President, Vice President, Vice President, Vice President, and Deng Shi’an, a member of the Guarantee Group, signed an agreement as a representative of both parties. Zhang Hongwei expressed warm welcome to Wu Xuemin, and briefly introduced the 上海桑水磨拿会所698 historical evolution, business composition and development of Huaan Securities, reviewed the history of cooperation with the guarantee group. Zhang Hongwei said that the current economic "new normal" and financial deepening reforms put forward higher requirements for high quality development of financial institutions. In recent years, the guarantee group actively supports the distribution of bond finance and Huaan Securities to 上海后花园419最新 help the province’s "three local districts" construction.

I hope that both parties will have the contract as an opportunity to further expand cooperation between bonds and equity, and actively implement the provincial party committee, the provincial government decision-making deployment, and use the logic and capital of the market, continue to deepen the docking and learning. Mutual cooperation, give full play to their respective field advantages, carry out the "all-round, deep, multi-angle" cooperation, and achieve common development in the development of economic and social development in Anhui Province.