Hong Kong Airport Prohibition Order is allowed to extend violations can be imprisoned or fined 爱上海贵族宝贝

According to the Hong Kong Dafu Wenhui full media report, the Hong Kong Conduct’s encyclopedia was approved by the Tribunal last week, and anyone was prohibited from specifying in the airport, including any demonstration.

The ban is today (23rd) in the afternoon. The Machine Management Bureau applied for extension to the Hong Kong High Court this morning, and was approved by the judge until next hearing or further order.

The judge believes that the damage caused by the airport is unaware of the influence of the airport and Hong Kong reputation, the airport operation is also important to Hong Kong’s commercial interests and international reputation, so he does not have hesbulous. 上海油压实体店体验 The Hong Kong Airport has been occupied by illegal assemblies last week (12, 13), which will apply for temporary ban on the court last Wednesday (14th) to the Tribunal to prohibit anyone "illegal" and "Intertary", intentionally hindered or interfere with the normal use of Hong Kong International Airport, and ignored that the temporary ban may be controlled to contempt, may be imprisoned or fined, or may be proposed to force the program to force compliance with temporary ban.

Any person helps other people violates the temporary ban, and will be charged with the court and will be imprisoned or fined.

The ban has expired today (23rd). (Editor: Liu Jiezhen, Yang Mu) 闵行按摩哪里好 Sharing let more people see.