How to put on "protective clothing" for urban data

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If you have no response long, please refresh this page. "2021 China Urban Data Governance Project White Paper" shows that a large number of government, enterprises, population, economy and other data are brought together. However, the utilization 上海干磨水磨论坛 of data elements is facing fluogenicity, and the application potential cannot effectively exerting problems; currently, related data governance A large number of practical exploration has been carried out in terms of application, technology, security, law, and system, but there are still many problems that have not yet been effectively resolved.

  "From the theoretical construction and practice, the urban data management project is justified.

Wang Xilin, executive vice president of Tsinghua University, said that from the in mind In terms of management, through data governance projects, governments, society, enterprises, individual life and action are more ordered. In Wang Xiqin, the urban data management must be integrated, interdisciplinary intersections can be solved. Question. "Through the 松江大学城小妹300 joint research group through and enterprises, we combine the university professor’s theoretical courses and experience, and adopt a professional group and closed door seminar. "In April this year, the Tsinghua University and the Chinese Electronic Joint Problem Group prepared by the China Electronic Joint Problem Group," Issued Positive Evaluation through experts organized by the China Electronic Society. "In the research, we will use data security and data elements. As a core problem of the research research, marketization has enabled the program to reflect the principles of social benefits, and take into account economic benefits. Wang Xiqin said.

  "Data is used as a critical production factor to participate in the whole process of economic operation, thereby redefining consumer models, production organization, industrial chain link mode, and global resource allocation.

"The Ministry of Public Administration of Tsinghua University believes that the city is the intensive area of ??economic activities, but also the intensive district of aggregation and application, and the urban data management is conducive to promoting data resource safety gathering, storage and efficient configuration development, full Release the number of magnification, superposition and multiplication of economic development, accelerating the promotion of digital economy from stage to fusion development stage. Jiang Xiao believes that the digital government has put forward higher requirements for digital government construction. Carry out urban data management, which is conducive to help Governments at all levels have established a data governance system including institutional system, technical system and market system, and continuously enhance government data legislation law enforcement supervision capacity, data management development planning capabilities, data security technology capabilities and data factors market-related configuration capabilities, better Entity envisaged at all levels of government governance system and governance ability modernization.

  "We found that data security and data circulation is the most prominent contradiction in digital urban construction and digital governance projects." Subject group members, Lu Zhipeng, deputy general manager of China, said that in terms of security issues, essential safety is difficult to guarantee, The process is safe and severe, and the system security is not clear.

At the same time, data element problems still have no way to crack, especially if they issue issues, pricing issues, and transaction methods; data effective supply, data element market is serious, and systematic solution technology systems are still treated.

  Lu Zhipeng admires that it is very complicated from the data directly to the application. In terms of circulation, the pricing is difficult, the authentication is difficult, and the measurement is difficult; in terms of security, the storage is risky, the exchange is risky, and the application is also risky.

The topic group believes in the research process, there should be a "intermediate" to solve this problem, and this "intermediate" is a data sheet and data component.

  "By building a database, letting the data security law and the core data defined in the data security law and personal information protection law." Lu Zhion introduced 上海浦东金桥哪有快餐 that the data of the data in the database is cleaned to form standard data, standard data and then processed into data components. The data components are circulated on the market, and then processed into data products to form the blend of asset chain and value chains.

By processing the data into a data element, the risk of data being leaked from the data source can isolate the risk of data abuse from the application end.

(Reporter Yao Kunsen).