How many things happened in the three years of the DPP

  On May 20th, the Ministry of Protent Party was 3 years of the Tower. In the past three years, the support of the Ministry of Progressive Party has declined quickly and broke the record in the island.

Under the principal of Cai Yingwen, the Ministry of Protent Party mainly "dry into" three things: engage in cross-strait relations, tearing the island of intercourse, bolding Taiwan’s economy.

In particular, the pain index of the people in the island has soared, and the Taiwan authorities have no color, which always claims that the administration is impeccable, everything is the fault of others. Crazy destroying cross-strait relations for 3 years, the Ministry of DPP and Taiwan authorities, the leaders of Cai Yingwen, the image, and people have collapsed, which is the most serious of the collapse. At the beginning of the stage, Cai Yingwen claimed to "maintain the status of both sides".

But how to "maintain status"? Solutions are as good as.

Only because the Cai Yingwen authorities did not recognize the "Nine-two Consensus", "current situation" has been changed from the beginning. From 2008上海虹口油压 to 2016, there were historical turns in cross-strait relations, entered the peace development track, reflecting the "Nine-two consensus" of the primary principle is a political basis.

  In the first two years after I came to the stage, the two-strait solution of the Cai Yingwen authorities failed to cover the words "push".

Cai Yingwen refused to answer the question of the fundamental nature of the two-strait relations between the mainland, only one thing "unpained" "zero accident" "cross-strait leaders want to sit down to talk". Darkly, I have a "cultural Taiwan independence", "flexible Taiwan independence", repair the program, go to the Yellow Emperor, go to Zheng Chenggong, go to Sun Yat-sen, for "Taiwan independence" people 上海高端工作室资源 songs, and dismantle the Taipei Forbidden Palace Qingbin, banned "National History" Wait, not enough. After the "Jiuheyi" election of the island last year, the Boarding Policy of the Democotion Party authorities completely torn off the mask, and the teeth were revealed.

The "land committee" accepted the political system of the Sancha five, and the "one country, two systems" and "Nine-two consensus" are "poison", which claims that the mainland Hashi policy is "sugar-coated shell". Kaohsiung Mayor South Korea’s visit to the mainland, and was actually by the "land committee", Chen Ming, "as long as the warm and pig dogs are not different". Taiwan’s retirement government officers went to the land, repair the cross-strait signed agreement, prohibiting the island from continental democratic consultation, and even young people in China to the mainland as a fine. After the US launching a trade in the United States, the DPP authorities are pleased to serve as a foreign chess, and there or order to ban the purchase of mainland raw materials and electronic products, and "the 洋自自自" has become more intense.

  Such as madness, only because the Ministry of Public Advanced Party is far from the end of the road, only the most good "anti-middle" gods are the most good "anti-middle" gods, come to a "Taiwan independence" chariot. Political gamble. For the first part of the party, the Ministry of Protent Party pushes both strait relations to the end of danger. The people who do not have the people of the people of the people of the people who do not have both sides of the DPP and are not unexpected, but internal administration is also a mess. This is not unexpected, Taiwan’s economic interests, the future is based on both sides of the strait, the cross-strait relationship is not good, Taiwan side is affected. Deeply said that the DPP’s "reverse" background, based on its irrational people, this thinking is suitable for fraud, but it is not suitable for governance and construction. In order to stay away from the mainland, the Ministry of Public Advanced Party engage in the economic "New Southward". The result is three years, and the wall has been connected, and the sand is folded. Fortunately, in the mainland, it is still very popular with the people of the People’s Republic of China, and still strongly supports cross-strait exchanges, constantly launching preferential policies for Taihang Taiwan, and the economic and trade exchange between cross-strait economies remain smooth. However, the tourism industry in the island is inevitably become the victim of the DPP’s branches, only because the people of the mainland are revealed, and the number of tourists to Taiwan will be broken. The "Tourism New Southward" policy of the station is because of the law, the fate is asking for fish, and it will not stop the island’s visit vehicle, the domineering effect of the hotel. The other main policy of the Taiwan authorities "an example of a long run" is also the people of the people.

The DPP said that this policy will give labor more rest time, and the big cake is quite humanistic care, but the added value of the majority of the Taiwan industry has been low, "an example of a long run" is destined to have a waste of waste, and finally the profit of the business is reduced. Labor does not make money, and even prices follow up the "three losses" situation.

  More typically is the "non-nuclear" policy of the DPP. Nuclear energy is the current most practical choice in Taiwan, but the DPP will completely abolish the fourth nuclear power plant that has been built. The result is that the green energy generation is weak, and the fire power is all open, and the capacity of the electric power in the island has long been swaying on the life and death line.

The priority of the Ministry of Public Advanced Party is guaranteed "Will not lack the power", but the result is that the nuclear second power station unit is still short-on, the electricity price is higher. The "non-nuclear" policy of the Ministry of Public Advanced Party said that wearing it is, but the deception of deception. The only "fruitful" work of the DPP Party is "political clearing".

The Kuomintang, the Doumen, the fighting army, the blue media, the boss exchange, the result is "green horror" everywhere, Taiwan’s social crack deepened. As an electoral-oriented party, the Ministry of Progressive has consistently looking for opportunities from the opposition, drawing nurses, differentiates ethnic groups from hatred, changing hatred, sagie is their constant behavior model, full of negative energy, then the Taiwan society is forced to bear . Inviting the power, I don’t know how to regret, the Taiwanese people are angry, and the people’s people don’t know. "Jiuheyi" election is lost to the crash, the DPP said it was because the "the people could not keep up with the speed of reform", in other words, the transmission is because the people of Taiwan have no eye.

  In order to prove that you are right, the Ministry of Progressive Party says "dry words" and every time you take. People still remember that when the mainland tourists fell, the Ministry of Public Advanced Party was "new high" in the people of the Tourists, and the unveiled by the industry is a difficult eye method that calculates all the transit passengers, foreign-workers, and the Taiwanese. When the salary does not rise, the time "Administrative Dean" Rai Qingde said that the average monthly salary of the island has reached 50,000 yuan, let the netizens shouted. "Sorry, I pulled low Taiwan salary"; when Taiwan electricity is insufficient, green energy When the development is slow, Cai Ying said that the shore wind power in 2025 will bring trillion investment, creating 20,000 jobs; when the export of Taiwan has declined for 6 months, Cai Yingwen said the Taiwan Economy "Stability World"; Cai Yingwen also claimed that when she was in Taiwan, it was the best in Taiwan’s economic performance, but he was faced by Taiwan’s "Main Plan", Ma Yingjiu 8 years of economic average growth rate, higher than Cai’s% … . The relationship between the two sides of the strait has changed, and the Ministry of Progressive Party is even more striking and repeatedly accuses the continent "pressing".

Cai Ying has recently defended himself: "Taiwan never provocative.

"Behind Ke Wenzhe by Taipei City:" Taiwan does not provoke, only she is provocating. "Yeah, the DPP is going to stage, the relationship between the two sides of the strait is corrupted, among the causal relationships, what do you see?

Not long ago, "anti-nuclear" parade, Cai Yingwen also personally walked on the street. This picture is really ironic, Cai Yingwen is a leader, who is in protest? Three years, such a transcript, if there is still a shame, it is also a strict protest for yourself! (Editor: Bai Yu, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.