Huaxia Bank Beijing Branch: Optimized account service practice from the beginning

Recently, under the guidance of the State Council "Income Service" policy, in order to strictly implement the "two unimpled, two strengthen" management requirements, earnestly improve the capital business environment, effectively solve the problem of opening an account of mobile employment groups, protecting financial consumers Right, Huaxia Bank Beijing Branch established an optimized account service long-term mechanism, continuously enhancing customer experience, prevention and control account risk, and contributing to the level of financial services. In this service mechanism optimization, Huaxia Bank Beijing Branch has taken measures and raises seven pragmatical initiatives to effectively improve account service levels. Initiative 1: Actively promote the concept of science and technology, promote online appointment, open the WeChat public number and enterprise mobile banking reservation to open an account, shorten the business time of the trainer to handle business, and improve account experience.

Message 2: Practice "Service Standards, Time Limits, Time Limits, Tariff Standards" three public commitments, business outlets, publicize account service announcements and place products and service sales price names, guarantee financial consumer rights.

Initiatives 3: Normalization Carrying Account Business Knowledge Propaganda, Production "Unit Settlement Account Opening One Paper Tong", "Unit Settlement Account Using Collection", 上海最大的洗浴中心 "Small Micro Enterprise Settle Account Account Opening 上海茶友交流群 One Paper", "Personal Bank Settlement Account User Guide" , "Account Service Manual" and other promotional foldings, actively popularize account knowledge to the public public.

Message 4: Establish a small and micro-enterprise green channel, and small and micro enterprises complete account opening within a working day since the date of appointment, and help small and micro enterprises.

Message 5: In order to support the needs of small and micro enterprises to start business, protect personal mobile employment group account service needs, implement small and simple account opening processes and personal simple account opening processes.

Six: Set the account service counter, the business outlets are equipped with a special 上海夜生活桑拿 person to answer and handle the account business related issues, publicize the negative list of the three-level supervision calls and account opening services, and actively accept the public supervision of the public. Initiative 7: Resolutely implement the four ministries and commissions on small micro enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households payment fee, comprehensively exempt account service charges, online banking costs, debit card service, merchant acquisition fee; reduce the counter and Online banking channels RMB transfer remittance fee; cancel some of the ticket charges. Complement to mitigate corporate costs and stimulate business vitality.

All along, Huaxia Bank Beijing Branch has focused on coordinating bank account optimization services and risk prevention and control. By continuously improving risk identification capabilities, increasing the "refinement" management of bank accounts, providing more convenient services for normal customers.

This service optimization initiative, one hand further strengthens account risk management, through implementing account classification, dynamically adjusting account functions, implementing full life cycle management; on the other hand, the account transaction monitoring is strengthened, adding scientific and technological power to invest, let "People defense + technical defense" double-managed, comprehensively enhance the level of security in preventing accounts involved in gambling, providing customers with more convenient, safe, high-quality bank account services. (车 喆) (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.