How to "Yellow Turn Green" from Ning Jinfertine "Ankang Code"? Hefei issued a notice

People’s Network Hefei July 27th (Zhou Kun) "Ankang Code" non-green code staff to transcode? On July 26th, the People’s Network Anhui Channel learned from the Office of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Command in Hefei City, Hefei City issued a notice on doing a good job in the transfer of non-green codonists from Ning’s "Ankang Code". According to the precision prevention and control needs, it may be set to "Ankang Code" yellow code (secret, secondary secret).

The specific operation of the health code transcoding within Hefei City is as follows: 1. The same flight has a positive infection (detection), secondary secret, must be concentrated for 14 days, concentrated, 1, 7th, 14th day 3 nucleic acid detection is negative, and the side can be turned green. Second, there is Lukou Airport to enter the history history (July 10 and later, the same) and have a ticket record record, implement a centralized isolation; Implementation of normative home isolation. Concentrate isolation (standardized home isolation) 14 days, 3 nucleic acid detection is negative, and can be green. Third, stay in Lukou Airport for half an hour and enter the hall but have not been exposed to public facilities inside the airport, 3 nucleic acid detection in the standard (more than 24 hours per two interpositions, three times in multiple ways Nucleic acid detection, and time interval meets the requirements, no need to re-detect), and the result is negative to turn green.

上海美女品茶微信 Fourth, there is a short stay in Lukou Airport (within half an hour), and did not enter the Lukou Airport Hall, do 2 nucleic acid detection (interval should exceed 24 hours), and the result is negative to turn green.

5. Through screening, it is determined to pass the transportation tool through the Lukou Airport, but did not get off the car to the Lukou Airport, do 2 nucleic acid detection (the interval should exceed 24 hours), and the result is negative to turn green. 6. By screening, it is determined that the Lukou Airport and the high-risk areas are not derived from the high-risk areas of Nanjing, and 1 nucleic acid detection is made. Seven, for concentrated personnel, transcoding the nucleic acid test report; for the personnel of home health monitoring, through the "Ankang Code" "I want to complaint" 上海外菜gzs module, upload all nucleic acid test report, transfer from the administrator code.

If you need to open the "Ankang 上海指压飞机店 Code" transcoding authority, it is unified after the establishment of various districts and counties, and the technical support group of the city defense office will be opened. (Editor: Guanfei, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.