Huaibei City Cultural Huimin Consumer Season officially launched

  On December 12th, the Huaibei City Cultural Huimin Consumption Season launched in the theme of "Ecological Mei City" is the successful launch of "Zhiyuan Huai North" tourism service platform. This event was hosted by the Huaibei Cultural Tourism Sports Bureau, the same trip group, the Huaibei City Media Center coordinated . Hu Baiping, deputy director 上海水磨会馆 of Huaibei Municipal People’s Congress, deputy mayor Chen Ying, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Government, Zhu Xianming, Municipal Development Bureau, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Economic Branch, Finance Bureau, Commerce Bureau, Market Supervision Administration, City County Area The proposal department, the relevant leaders of the city and county Wenxia Bureau, Li Maihao, vice president of Tongcheng Group, vice president of Tongcheng, and representatives of the consumer account merchants, representatives, and news media representatives attended the launching ceremony. Hu Jiapei, Director Huaibei Cultural Tourism Sports Bureau, said in a speech that in 2021, Huaibei City Cultural Huimin consume season series activities, including millions of cultural Huimin coupons, thousands of students tour Huaibei activities, cultural art is close to Life, enter the masses, carry out the selection of night consumption demonstration points, build a smart tourism platform, and actively participate in the "美 美 taste, Bai County famous snack" food selection activities held by the Wenke House of Anhui Province. Six major Huimin activities, rich content, convenient participation, long duration, more consumption activities, and call on the general public and tourists to participate actively, rest assured! Wu Wenge, deputy director of Huaibei Cultural Tourism Sports Bureau, focused on the construction of Wisdom Tourism Projects in Huaibei City.

The main content of Huaibei Smart Tourism Project is to build a center, two platforms, three major systems. A center is building Huaibei Smart Tourism Ability Center; two platforms build smart tourism platforms and Internet of Things platform; three major systems form a smart management system, smart service system, smart marketing system.

After the project is completed, the tourism industry in Huaibei will realize the full coverage of digital management, public service upgrades, and more accurate marketing. Li Minghao, vice president of Tongki Group, said in a speech that the Tongki Group helped Huaibei City to build a smart tourism project will further activate the vitality of Huaibei Wenbao’s consumption, and promote Huaibei "Smart City" in the field of cultivation.

  "Zhiyu Huai North" tourism service platform is an important sector of Huaibei Smart Tourism Project, which has been completed. The platform is presented in the form of WeChat small procedures. It is a front-end with "Domain Tour + Smart Travel + Value Discount" highlights, and the backend is supported by "Big Data Center + Public Service + Smart Marketing".

It is designed with "1 + 6 + 7 + N" as the design goal, built a Zhike Huai North total entrance, covering the six tourism elements of eating, living, travel, travel, purchase, entertainment, integrating content, business, digitalization, tool Function, platform operation, wisdom map, smart service seven system, integrated into the innovation scenarius of N texts such as smart scenic spots, digital villages, and digital museums, integrates scenic spots, hotels, transportation, food, folk, humanities, etc. To provide tourists with one-stop quality tourism service, truly realize "one machine in hand, Changyou Huai North".

  Huang Liyuan, deputy general manager of the Tongki Group’s all-way project department, detailed the characteristics of "Zhiyu Huai North" tourism service platform and the issuance of millions of Huimin coupons.

This millions of Huimin consumption has a wide range of activities, and the preferential is large, and it is involved in many merchants. The coupons are mainly subsidized by full coupons, the total subsidies are over a million, covering movie tickets, book newspapers, sports fitness, local good things, hotels, train tickets, and auto tickets.

Each category is also very strong, local cultural exchange coupons such as movie tickets are over 30 yuan minus 29 yuan, and the book newspaper is over 21 yuan minus 20 yuan, sports fitness is over 21 yuan minus 20 yuan, Huaibei gift daily limited time, Yuan, Yuan local good product specialty. The national users can book Huaibei hotels, train tickets, and ticket products in Tongki Travel Platform, and will be used in accordance with the consumption quota. Book the Huaibei hotel over 200 minus 30, booking destination for Huaibei train ticket is reduced by 10 yuan, booking destination for Huaibei car ticket full 15 minus 5 yuan, full 50 yuan minus 10 yuan.

  It is understood that from December 12, 2022, January 12, 2022, consumers can click on the "Zhiyuan Huai North" small program to enter the Huaibei Cultom Consumer Voucher Active page and receive coupons. Directly deduct or go off the store in the order, the experience is very convenient.

  In order to increase the immersion experience, the activity site carefully set "Ecological Mei City Legend Huai North" intelligent experience area, the wisdom Wenbo experience area, not only showed the graphic introduction of the key literary resources of Huaibei, but also through the Panoramic VR and 3D Museum of Huaibei Scenic Area. 上海花千坊爱上海 Roaming legendary Huai North. At the same time, there are also robots "Xiaobei" and guest fun explanations, efficient interactions, bring "artificial intelligence" characteristic service experience, and multiple dimensions present new charm of Huaibei wisdom tourism.

  The event site, Hu Baiping, deputy director of the Huaibei Municipal People’s Congress, deputy mayor of Huaibei City, Chen Ying, Vice Chairman of Huaibei Municipal Bureau of Political Consultative Conference Sun Guohua, Director of the Resource Management, Sheng Lei, director of the Huaibei City Media Center, jointly launched Huaibei City Cultural Huimin Consume Season, witness the "Zhiyuan Huai North" tour service platform on the line, officially kicked off the new prelude to Wisdom Wisdom in Huaibei. Next, Huaibei City 上海油压交流群 Cultural Huimin Consumer Season and "Zhiyu Huai North" platform operation will further promote and land, condense the government, market, enterprises, media and other power, through precision marketing, full media promotion, and Tongxi Group’s large traffic and Big data help, attract national citizens and tourists concerned, activate Huaibei Wenbao consumption vitality, and promote high quality development of smart tourism.