How to maintain a 娱乐地图论坛上海yldt heart in autumn and winter? Experts say this

In the autumn and winter season, he went to the high incidence of cardiovascular disease.

Because cold can cause vascular contraction, spasm, blood flow speed slow, blood viscosity increase, induce coronary vessel chamber, unparticles, even myocardial infarction, so coronary heart disease is recognized as a cardiovascular disease Healthy "killer".

So, how should we prevent coronary heart disease, scientifically maintain a heart? To this end, People’s Daily interviewed Xu Fengqi, deputy dean of Xiyuan Hospital, China University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, explained the knowledge of cardiac maintenance.

"Long-term regular exercise can make the weight, volume of the heart, the heart rate is slow, the ventricular wall thickens, making it a strong force each time.

People with sports habits tend to have a better heart, and the body is healthier. "Xu Fengqin said that Xu Fengqi introduced that Chinese medicine belongs to" chest "in the Chinese medicine, and the main cause is that the cardiocharp is not affected, or the certificate or empirical, or a cold certificate or a fever.

Chinese medicine prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease has a certain advantage. It has accumulated rich experience in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, which can protect blood vessels, improve microcirculation, lipid-lowering, hyperbidic viscosity, and oxidation. Xu Fengqi provides the treatment of thyristor full cycle, used for the instability of coronary heart disease, stabilization and 上海喝茶服务vx health rehabilitation.

Unstable plaque period: Huoxue, detoxification soup.

Stable plaque: Heavy stems of Hui soup.

Health generation tea: Double-Party fun tea. This generation of tea can prevent the acute events of the heart, maintain the stability of the heart, improve the body’s immune function. Suitable for patients with gentle, flustered chest tightness, shortness of breath, insomnia upset, blood stasis, and is accompanied by symptoms such as dark tongue, dark white moss.

It is necessary to pay attention to the end, Xu Fengqin said that good cardiopulmonary function is a healthy cornerstone, and people with good cardiopulmonary function will not easily feel tired, the work efficiency is higher, and the incidence of cardiovascular disease is lower, so it must be.