How does the Chinese Communist Party win in the Liberation War?

The Chinese Communist Party Congress is the main contradiction of the people to seize things, and leadership politics must first lead to the greatest politics. The heart is the biggest politics.

To obtain liberation, first, solve unreasonable feudal land occupancy systems, and strive for farmers.

Since 1946, land reforms have been carried out from all over the world. In 1947, the "Outline of China" was promulgated. By the first half of 1949, the land of the liberation area has been basically allocated, and nearly 100 million peasants were divided into land. 夜上海花千坊 While solving land 上海贵族宝贝油压 problems, the party is also widely established in the liberation area and in accordance with the ground, so that farmers have also turned into the body while economically giving a huge interest. Second, protect and encourage national capitalist development, unite the national asset class. In 1939, Mao Zedong proposed in the "China Revolution and the Communist Party of China", "Third, pay attention to the patriotic democratic movement of the National Anti-region, actively strive for patriotic owners.

During the whole process of comprehensive civil war, the tide of the national area, the patriotic democratic movement and other patriotic democratic movements, continuous, strongly cooperated with the military operations of the People’s Liberation Army. In short, with a strong political leadership, through 上海水疗品茶 successful agreement policies, the Chinese Communist Party gradually knot three alliances in himself, gathered in the most vast people’s hearts. (Editor: Cao Wei, Deng Zhihui).