Hengshui Jianzhang, make practical summary projectization

Original title: Hengshui Jianzhang is required to promote the development of practical summary projects, the grassroots, the grassroots, the people’s heart, the Hengshui Jianzhang system, promote the implementation of practical summary projects "in the township setting, 上海阿拉后花园 taxation micro, big It is convenient for the company and the taxpayer. I will never have to go to the county to develop tickets. "On May 12, Li Hang, Wuyang County, Wuyang County, said, I was excited to say after the taxpayer of the taxpayer. In the party history of party history, the Raoyang County Taxation Bureau has the purpose of service, and the problem of staring at the blocking point is difficult. It has built a taxi micro-leaving in the grassroots, through self-tax taxation equipment, face recognition system, intelligent robot and other equipment. To upgrade the township branch to a service "new unit", compress the radius of the peripheral taxes.

At the grassroots set up a taxi micro-leaf, it is a microcosm of the Hengshui City to deepen the study and education, and promote a minority for the people’s service. "To do practical things for the people, find accurately, the grassroots and the masses are worried, troubles, worry, and more accurate docking development, the grassroots is expected, and the people are always

Zhao Regian, secretary of Hengshui Municipal Party Committee, said to improve the implementation mechanism for the masses to implement the key projects of the masses, and effectively solve the problems of the people "urgent expensive", let the people see change, get benefits. The city puts the people to visit the people to visit public opinion as "I The first step in the masses, through the "Mayor public call" "public opinion" "" ? "" "People’smare Express" and other platforms, the masses collect plenty of hopes, go deep into the grassroots visit, and ask the people to ask the people to pay attention to the hotspots of the people Difficulties. On the basis of mastering the needs of the masses, it is targeted to propose "I do practical things for the masses".

With the list of projects, you must also fall in practice.

The city develops a practical figure, task map, flow chart, responsibility map, renderings, refining target tasks, and decomposes the industrial development, innovation, functional services, and farmers’ income, each A project clearly leads leaders, responsible units, target tasks, and complete time limits. Improve and use a good poverty monitoring warning system, multi-channel promotion of employment entrepreneurs; implement the "double newspaper" system "System platform, strive to achieve administrative examination and approval" "full online office" … in the city "History of History Power" For the specific content, responsible departments and complete time limitations. On this basis, the city improve the party committee (party group), leading group and its membership units, leading groups and three responsibility lists in each group. Improve regular regular examples, communication and contact, supervision and guidance, and information notified four working mechanisms. It has clearly proposed a leading institution and work organization, a work plan, a mobilization deployment, a mobilization, a topic, a special training, a topic, has a special event, and there is a "real thing for private activities", there is propaganda The "ten" requirements reported, compressing the responsibility, wall chart operations, closed-loop management, precise implementation. In response to the situation of spring farming production and enterprise production and operation electricity demand, Hengshui City Power Supply Company conducts special actions of quality service benefits people’s livelihood, set up party members in 69 business halls, 106 power supply and urban three-level 80 network play Ding Party members’ responsibility area.

Form "Henghu Power Supply WeChat Group", covering 150,000 in urban electricity customers, and pushing power outage information, repairing progress, answering electricity in time. At 268 marketing teams set up service tie, the service requirements, collect customer demands, and deepen professional collaborative services, ensure that the service management control is confident, and the customer’s appeal parts are falling. Learning history, for the people.

The city pays attention to guiding education of party members and cadres in the city in school history, understanding ideas, doing practical things, and opening the new bureau before going to the front. In April this year, the premiere of the movie "Peony" was held in Hengshui Hongqi Shadow Theater. The film took the national outstanding Communist Party member, the national moral model Wang Wenzhong as the prototype, telling the 松江大学城200一晚 secretary of his return to his hometown, leading the people to get rid of poverty , Promoting the touching story of the country’s revitalization. Party members and cadres have been profound in viewing, saying that they must be in Wang Wenzhong, based on their own, diligent dedication, and do not forget the initial mission of the Communists.

At the same time, the city has established an assessment mechanism, implements card management, accounting acceptance, and incorporates work performance into the important content of the overall supervision, effectively promoting real things. The private enterprise service hotline is set up, and the relevant responsible departments of the report will promptly supervise the relevant responsible departments.

Since this spring, we have coordinated the responsible persons of 上海千花论坛品茶网 the relevant departments and the head of the bank to 152 enterprises, helping companies solve the problem of land, environmental protection, financial, recruitment, training and other difficulties.

Carried out more than 5,000 scenes of "I have a practical thing" of the unity of party members, and the union of the group’s "I have a practical thing", and more than 1,000 pieces of practical things.

(Reporter Chen Fenglai correspondent letterfront) (Editor: Zhang Xiaobo, I wish the dragon super).