Huairou District 12 to 17-year-old group new crown vaccine inoculation rate is nearly 93%

People’s Network Beijing August 6th, according to Huairou District Health Committee, as of August 5th, 12220 people in Huairou District have vaccinated 上海宝山喝茶资源 new crown vaccines, and the inoculation rate is%.

It is understood that the 12-17 people aged 12-17, including primary schools, ordinary middle schools, universities, ordinary medium-sized, vocational high schools, mechanic schools, industrial studies, special education schools and other educational institutions and non-school people, this area The 12-17-year-old population incorporated into vaccination is approximately 13,000 people.

Like the process of vaccination with adults, students first accept health care workers’ health and confirm that there is no contraindication to vaccinate.

After the stay in the stay for 30 minutes, there was no adverse reactant to leave.

Different from adults, because some minors have no ID card, you need to brush personal medical insurance card to verify identity 上海干磨店688 information, and you must sign an informed consent before the guardian. The inoculation point also sets the guardian waiting area for guardians to rest. According to the inoculation plan, Huairou District launched 15-17 years old and key population vaccination, starting on the 12-14-year-old population of 12-14 years old, and is expected to complete all freely disabled 12-17 before September 30. Population two doses of new crown virus vaccination. In response to some adverse reactions or coupling reactions, each vaccination 上海水磨工作室 point is fully prepared in accordance with the "four" principles, that is, the second-level comprehensive hospital emergency emergency personnel and psychological experts have resident security, emergency equipment and drugs, There are 120 first aid satellite, there are secondary medical hospitals to treat green channels. At the same time, increased pediatric and psychologists, improve the emergency plan of vaccination, and strengthen the emergency response and medical treatment of vaccination.

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